By on May 10, 2010

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17 Comments on “Cadillac Debuts New “Mark Of Leadership” Tagline...”

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    Why are there no more ducks on the Caddy crest? My ’83 Coupe de Ville had ducks.

    Going to Google… OK, they are not ducks, they are merlettes. Whatever they are called, I noticed they were missing when I walked by a new Caddy SUV the other day. The crest looked kind of like a cartoon, I thought.

    On this thread, someone points out that at one point, they were actually swans.

    What were we talking about again?

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      They removed the Merlettes after the infamous Catera campaign where they were used widely to promote “the Caddy that zigs,” I think they even named the damned Merlette Ziggy….anywho, like the Cimmaron you’ll be hard pressed to find any admission of that car now too.

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    I really want to be convinced that Cadillac is “back.” However, everytime I see that crest the first thing that comes to mind is: “this is not a real luxury car.” That’s the gut-level reaction. Logically, the cars could be just as good or better than BMW or Audi. I don’t know, maybe they are. But it’s that gut-level reaction that would prevent me from ever buying one.

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    sharp ad…I like it.

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    Nice tag line. Now can they a: Continue to use it?, and b. Continue to live up to it?

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    If they want people to believe in their ‘mark of leadership’ then they can start by dropping that technocrat XTS and enter the REAL flagship luxury sedan world, where ‘rear wheel drive’ does not mean a generator behind the backseat and a battery pack, and the engine is longitudinal and drives the rear wheels via a drive shaft, as god intended.

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    My first thought is: MKL.

    My second thought: Lincoln is going to sue, they are all about “Mark something or other”.

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    I think they missed an opportunity here by not spelling it “Marque of Leadership”.

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    3rd thought. Seems like I remember “GM Mark of Excellence” from the 1970s, and with “Excellence for Everyone” as Chevy’s new tagline, wouldn’t “Mark of Excellence” made more sense? Or something with Excellence in it?

    Chevy: Excellence for Everyone

    GMC: Professional Grade Excellence

    Buick: The New Excellence of World Excellence

    Cadillac: Mark of Excellence

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    The commercial is good, even if it looks like any other Cadillac commercial, same images, same sound. I don’t understand the “Mark of Leadership” tagline. Leadership in what? CTS and SRX barely get close to the competition, CTS getting old now, and the new flagship model will be a FWD based on the Malibu platform instead of a direct competitor to S-class, 7 series and A8, not to mention Bentley.

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      The cynic in me says “Leadership” is a psychographic variable describing how Cadillac buyers view themselves. Has nothing to do with the cars.

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    If Cadillac considers itself the “leader”, then who exactly is the “follower”? Some guy whose scarf got caught in the door?

    The self-delusion of this company knows no bounds. One look at its new logo, which resembles something spat out of a $69 ink jet printer, should tip off any prospective buyers that this brand is a thin veneer of its former self.

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      Kudos Don, your comments are spot on.

      Clearly, Ch11 has done nothing to quell the arrogance that continues to motivate this company to new heights of pompousness.

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      That’s because it was hardly a bankruptcy!

      As long as Cadillac falls under the stench and stigma of Government Motors, I suspect few will fall for any siren song they can sing.

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    Caddy would have been in deep merlette doodoo had the SRX been a sales flop like the last one.

    I suppose it’s too early to say it will remain a sustainable success (look at how fast the new CTS’s initial burst fizzled) but there’s no way in this CUV-crazy market that it wouldn’t do well. Lexus’s top-seller is the RX, and Audi’s second-best is the Q5.

    I do wish GM would learn a more ideal balance between excessive weight and quality, because their lack of earnest effort to control porkiness in anything other than Corvettes is getting tiring, especially as they continue to downsize engines.

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