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The Shreveport Times reports that GM will restart production of the HUMMER H3 and H3T starting April 12, for a batch build of 849 units. An unidentified “fleet buyer” apparently needs a grip of the baby-HUMMERs, despite the fact that the brand is being wound down after a deal to sell it to Sichuan Tengzhong fell through. Production at Shreveport had been shut down until the deal went through, and unless one of the two rumored post-Tengzhong offers materializes (and we’re not holding our breath), this could be the last production run for the brand. In other “rumors of HUMMER’s survival have been greatly exaggerated” news, the German tuner shop CFC is just now announcing an all-chrome HUMMER model [via]. What is this, 2004?

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13 Comments on “HUMMER Production Restarted. Yes, Really....”

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    849 units in a month? That’s 43 units a day based on 20 work days in the month.

    If they build 1 car every 3 minutes, they can fill the order in ~ 3.5 days. And isn’t that way below the speed even a slow line should run.

    Yes, the workers will get a couple extra days pay, but meh. It’s a dead-cat bounce.

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    And this isn’t posted in Whiskey Tango Foxtrot because….?

    Well eBay buyers, you can rest assured that in a few years there will be 2010 Hummers for sale on eBay, one prior fleet owner.

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    Robert Schwartz

    OMG. Kill the the monster.

    Time for GM Death Watch II.

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    I guess the logistics of collecting the ones sitting on dealer lots across the country were prohibitively expensive?

    I imagine the buyer got a massive break on this flock of albatross – probably allowing GM to unload a good pile of body panels and such at a better price than selling them to the aftermarket.

    The only question I have is this: who bought these things and what possible rationale could they have for doing so?

    Save for being a fashion statement, a Hummer does nothing well. Anything a Hummer can do can be done by vehicles that are less expensive and/or far more qualified for whatever the task is.

    This is such a monumentally stupid purchase, I get the feeling our tax dollars are being spent.

    Perhaps Blackwater/Xe/IllegalPrivateArmy is behind this?

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      MAN Oh MAN!

      Read my mind!

      Who had the idea to restart the plant to give it to some fleet he / they can use it for.. 5-10k mi.. and dump them on the used market?!

      Then again… why cant they just use the existing Colorado garbage with some left over sheet stampings and… kill two birds with one ROCK.


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    The government of Chavezland and many of its (rich) bureaucrats are fans of the vehicle.

    I’ve seen the National Guard and some polices using H3s.

    Wouldn’t be surprised if they come down here.

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    I could see this as a government purchase if it were for the H2, (the National Guard uses them mostly for recruiting purposes) but his is the H3, the so called ‘Baby Hummer’ based on the GMT355 that underpins the Colorado and Canyon. So, indeed as posted there are other vehicles that can do the same thing as the H3 for less.

    Can’t see it as a purchase by a security company or a company that provides services for a deployed military in as much as they tend to want to keep a low profile.

    There is (was?) an H3 plant in Port Elizabeth, so it could be to meet an unexpected demand in South Africa, someone who wanted to get as many as they could before the production ends. It could also be from Asia where there is a niche of interest for the H3 as well.

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      Agreed, no one would use a vehicle like the H2/H3 in theater, too high profile (lack of capabilities aside).

      My thought was more along the lines of as a company car here in the States.

      South Africa did not cross my mind, but it should have. SA is interesting in that they always used to get the ne plus ultra version of most upper-middle automakers – very interesting SA-market only BMW and (IIRC) Benz product.

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    Governments at work. This isn’t a normal deal.

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    It’s all part of CEO Obama’s strategy for attracting the spoiled rich boy vote. It even comes with a free ball cap and gold chains.

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    Just out of curiosity; what does one purchase if one purchases Hummer (the company). All their cars, at least except for the H1, are (albeit heavily) modified versions of GM mega sellers. So I can’t imagine GM would sell everything required to build a new Hummer from scratch.

    So is all the buyer gets a bunch of technology for modifying current GM BOF trucks, plus the name and goodwill?

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    I heard they are going to Iran before the really tough sanctions come…
    (but seriously, this could be some kind of a UNHCR or USAID package for Haiti, Afganistan, etc.)

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