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In a recent Fastlane livechat, GM’s North American boss Mark Reuss revealed that:

Chevrolet re vamp in ads is well under way with Susan Docherty–you will like it a lot–shows the car, and uses “excellence for everyone”….you will really like it.

When asked if he was saying that “Excellence For Everyone” would be the new Chevrolet tagline, Reuss replied in the negative. Which makes it… a pickup line? Just a line? With “May The Best Car Win” having failed to make much headway, and “American Revolution” a pre-bankruptcy artifact, it wouldn’t be surprising to see this “Excellence for Everyone” briefly become Chevy’s main tagline. If only to give Reuss and Whitacre an excuse to fire Docherty when the campaign collapses under the weight of its own vacuity.

Reuss, meanwhile, is keeping mum about the new ads, which come out in about two months. The only other hints he gave:

Chevrolet and Corvette have been together forever. I feel we do not leverage the Corvette name or the Camaro name to help halo Chevrolet. If you go to races you always see the red bowtie, but when have you ever seen vettes and camaros in ads for Equinox or Malibu? this will change.

A trite, meaningless tagline, plus halo cars. What a strategem. If Docherty is still working at GM by the end of this summer, it will be nothing short of a miracle.

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28 Comments on “May Chevrolet’s Best Tagline Win...”

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    Not to mention Hyundai is already using the “excellence for everyone” theme in their ads. Blue collar guys eating rack of lamb in a breakroom, that kind of thing.

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      I’m still not a fan of Hyundai’s products, but damn, that’s a good commercial. It even gave Louis Vuitton an idea they should roll with: a haute basketball.

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    Maybe they should go with “Toyotas Kill?”

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    How about:

    That was then – This is now… Honest!

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    Dr Strangelove

    How about: Clunkers for cash?

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    “Mark: prior to introduction of the next-generation Chevy Malibu, do you have any plans for mid-cycle updates or any other kinds of changes to better challenge Ford Fusion, Toyota Camry and the rest for sales leadership in the segment?”

    Mark Reuss:
    “Well–we have a better car with Malibu…”

    I appreciate the blind arrogance, and the Malibu is a fine-looking car…but no mid-cycle refresh? That reeks of laziness, not excellence.

    If Chevy isn’t careful, the Sonata will overtake the Malibu in sales, just as the Altima has.

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    Cammy Corrigan

    How about “Chevrolet: You’ve already bought the company, why not buy the car?”

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    I’ve never seen the Corvette as being very relevant to the rest of Chevy’s line-up, it’s just too expensive, cramped, and thirsty. The V6 Camaro, on the other hand, is reasonably affordable and pretty nicely executed. Seems like they should be able to leverage that.

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    As long as they don’t use Howie Long in the ads it’s an improvement.

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    “Better Than Chrysler”?

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    Fresh, cutting edge, innovative ideas. Can’t you just feel the excitement and the energy?

    The tsunami of change is now washing across the vast wasteland of overhead staff, leaving behind only the strength that is the future…

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    I feel we do not leverage the Corvette name or the Camaro name to help halo Chevrolet… but when have you ever seen vettes and camaros in ads for Equinox or Malibu?

    Cobalt ad with C6 Corvette

    Chevrolet 2007 Super Bowl ad

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    How about “Chevy Pedals Will Not Stick”.

    No, wait… been done.

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    Mine is extra good because it even rhymes:

    “To point B from point A,
    You’ll get there with Chevrolet!”

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    Chevy…not your father Oldsmobile, or Pontiac, or Saturn.

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    Today’s Chevrolet — Remarkably Adequate and Inoffensive

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    Chevrolet – Acceleration Intended

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    Some iconic brands have a few well-known slogans that they dust off and recycle every few decades. Coke and Pepsi are masters in this regard. Maybe it’s time to dust off “Heartbeat Of America” now that Chevy actually builds some vehicles worthy of that slogan.

    However, “Excellence for Everyone” won’t work until every vehicle they build can back it up. Right now is too early to go that direction.

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    Chevrolet – It’s not as bad as you think, and not as good as you want. OR
    Cause you can’t get a G6 anymore. OR
    It’s not French… honest!

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    Yeah, “Chevrolet–Intended Acceleration” would be good, but just for SS models.

    For those of us who remember what Chevy used to be, it’s hard to beat “See the USA in your Chevrolet.” We all sang along with Dinah Shore. Of course, twenty-somethings have no recollection of a nation that was proud of its history. So I guess “Heartbeat of America” would be my choice. Criminy, GM, don’t throw away a legacy.

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      50Merc: why not? They’ve been doing just that for the past 40 years…

      “Genuine Chevrolet” was a good tag, but then how genuine a Chevrolet is a GMDAT designed Cruze ? Or Korean built [for the time being]Aveo? For a true “genuine Chevrolet” you’d have to go back to the US designed and Lordstown built Cavalier…….. Even then the genuine Chevrolet act was stolen by that player Cadillac and diluted for it’s cheap imitation Cimarron….;-}

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    Okay, I’ll say it: I think this tagline isn’t bad at all.

    In fact, I think it’s gobs better than “Heartbeat of America,” a transparent patriotism play in lieu of competitive product that always made me gag.

    I also think the animus toward this line isn’t because of the line itself, it’s the residue of the ill will toward the brand itself, making you feel as if this brand can’t claim “excellence” in anything (outside of the Corvette). If that’s how you feel, they’re not going to win you over no matter what they say. But if it’s not, “Excellence for everyone” is a clear, simple statement of Chevrolet’s historical and current mission: competent, popular-price cars.

    I happen to think most of Chevy’s products have been crap for a quarter-century, and except for a handful of them, still are today. But that’s not a comment about the tagline.

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    Beneath every Cadillac is a Chevrolet

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    Chevrolet: What Price Mediocrity? (Now With A $3000 Rebate!)

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    @ lilpoindexter: “Chevy…not your father Oldsmobile, or Pontiac, or Saturn”

    lol … I like that one. But I’m surprised that noone has mentioned that the “Excellence for Everyone” reminds me of the 1970’s GM tagline “GM – Mark of Excellence”. I look for clueless Susan to do more fluff commercials that don’t sell cars, like the stupid Enclave ad or the urban spinster ad in the last thread.

    Do you guys remember Bank One (Now Chase)? Bank One credited much of their growth due to the efforts of John Fisher, a former radio DJ (back in the old days when they had talent), who was their head of advertising. He was to bank advertising what Harley Earl or Bill Mitchell were to car design. They need to hire someone of that mold rather than some corporate apparatchik if they want to move the needle commercial-wise. I guess others who would fit that mold would be a Matt Drudge or Rush Limbaugh, not as advertising execs, but as people with an innate talent to blow through all the clutter and get noticed.

    Some clueless corporate tool isn’t going to get the job done. Put her back in customer service where she belongs.

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