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A “person familiar with the situation” tells the Wall Street Journal [sub] that GM is looking into two new offers for the HUMMER brand after a deal that would have sold the brand to China’s Sichuan Tengzhong collapsed. No word on who these two firms are, where they are located, or what they’re smoking to make them interested in the dinosaur brand. The rest of the WSJ piece bemoans the opacity of the Chinese Government’s deal approval system, and details how approval hurdles have scuttled deals in other industries, much to the frustration of American firms. Of course, if GM had listened to TTAC’s Bertel Schmitt, they’d know that:

All joint ventures need to get government approval. However, the Chinese government wants its car industry with more than 100 players to consolidate to a more manageable number. Beijing wants to see four big ones and four smaller ones. What Beijing definitely doesn’t want is more car manufacturers. So instead of saying outright “no,” Beijing is letting the deal get entangled in red tape.

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17 Comments on “WSJ: GM Eying Two New HUMMER Offers...”

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    Maybe one of them is Hollywood, I hear they’re gonna make another National Lampoons “Vacation” movie and they are in need of another Griswold family truckster.

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    I’ll say for the record I am one of the interested buyers. But I’m not going a stray button over $20.00.

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    If Obama takes your Porsche, then he’s gotta take your Hummer too. Just to be fair.

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    Ron Orr

    Green Hummers? Convert H2 Hummers to Compressed Natural Gas. Since Hummers use GM truck mechanicals conversion kits exist. Hummers then qualify for various tax credits and become car pool lane qualified in CA. Conversion cost would be on the order of $12,000.

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    Ok, I’ll go out on a limb here … I say that what we are seeing is a repeat of the near full-circle saga of AT&T.

    1984 AT&T is broken-up into AT&T (long-distance) and the Baby Bells” (regional local operating companies) and the manufacturing (Western-Electric) and research (Bell Labs) arms which, IIRC, were rolled-into Lucent, and then jettisoned (spun-off) by AT&T as it began it’s swan song, finally being taken-over by Alcatel to become Lucent-Alcatel) …

    Anyhow, this went along for a few years … then the smallest of the BB’s (SW Bell) started its Pac-Man routine (while at the same time AT&T began swooning) … after swallowing a number of the BB’s, the smallest then swallowed the old mother and, in taking her name, AT&T, essentially reconstituted a goodly portion of the original operating companies … and who was in the driver’s seat for part of the trip as S.W.Bell morphed into AT&T? Ed Whitacre!

    So, with that in mind, I predict that SAAB is now on the way to buy up the discarded brands are re-constitute GM under new Russian-mafia ownership.

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    Somehow I knew yesterday’s news of their demise was not to be the final word..

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    I’ve heasrd that the Hummer brand is still immensely popular in Russia as a symbol of conspicuous consumption, and I’ll bet that they would be popular with the coming Chinese moneyed class if they were made more cheaply overseas.

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    blue adidas

    Good god! Please make it end. I never understood the appeal of driving farm machinery on the roadways. Plus, what exactly is there to “sell?” Everything except for the H1 are just rebodied Chevy’s. Is GM willing to share any of this R&D and production with whoever the buyer is?

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    I guess the question still happens to be, what does any buyer of Hummer actually get? Is it just a brand? Intellectual property? A plant (Shreveport)? A box of caps and t-shirts? What does the purchase of Hummer mean to its future owner, and is there any support from GM after the sale, or is this a “Well, see ya later!” type of deal?

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      The box of caps and T-shirts would probably be the most valuable of those that you listed…

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      Presumably at least tooling and intellectual property relating to design, and possibly the LA facility, and a brand that still means western style wretched excess (valuable where that still is attractive to some buyers). And, yes, those sweet caps and t-shirts.

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    “No word on who these two firms are … or what they’re smoking to make them interested in the dinosaur brand”

    They hope to be smoking finest US taxpayer cash when Washington/Government Motors bribes them to take this pile of crap.

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    This dark-horse suitor story was predictable given GM’s fire sale circus this past year. Hummer’s ugly underbelly will be revealed once their kimona is opened again.

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    Let’s get real here. The Hummer brand has powerful equity. GM should produce & sell smaller Hummers as competitors to Jeep. There’s a market out there for that.

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    With the green movement backlash there is a good amount of fear to owning one of these beasts. Last thing anyone wants is to spend 40, 50 or even 60 grand on a vehicle that is susceptable to vandalism. Slashed tires, smashed windows, smashed lights, windshields, keyings, etc. I’ve seen it many times. It’s actually rare to find a Dummer that hasn’t fallen prey to extremists.

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