By on February 9, 2010

Scion shows off the tC “Release Series Six” edition, which boasts a 70s muscle car-inspired graphics package, complete with a not-in-any-way-indicative-of-engine-displacement “6.0” on the flank. Think of the look as Yee-haw meets Ichiban, but because it’s a Scion tC it’s neither cool nor particularly fast. Poor Scion…

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23 Comments on “What’s Wrong With This Picture: Lost In Translation Edition...”

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    I guess they saw all those ricers sticking VTEC badges on ratty Honda Civics and thought it was a good idea.

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    Maybe it has six-point-zero…hundred cubic centimeters?

    That’s really pretty bad coming from the factory. I’ve seen plenty of bad DIY mods (Jettas with full BMW badging, inside and out; Ford Foci with Kanji decals on them; etc), but to see something like this with the official stamp of approval on it? I demand a recall!

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    Should have filed this one under Whiskey, Tango, Foxtrot!

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    6.0? Six segments in the decal, zero credibility?

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    At first glance, I thought I was looking at the rear of a Challenger. Are car manufacturers mimicking software companies and putting version numbers on the vehicles? Might be a good way for Toyota to track all the recalls and software updates…..”Prius 2.6 is promised to have none of the bugs of Prius 2.5….”

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      Me too! I thought for sure we were looking at the rear end of the Charger…or another similar Chrysler product. I think I’ve even seen Chrysler stick stripes like that on them.

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    I thought the same before reading . . . but the thought of a 6L scion does make me giggle a bit ;)

    You’d need to put cinderblocks in the trunk to keep the nose off the ground.

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    And ya’ll thought Toyota didn’t have a sense of humor.

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    I think the 6.0 is the size of it’s gas tank.
    The RS stands for Really Slow.
    The tC is is for take Care.

    This is a bad Japanese translation vehicle. As you left the dealership the salesman say, “Take care on your really slow car – we filled your tank up with 6.0 liters of gas”

    tC – RC 6.0

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    6.0 is the markup of the graphics package as a multiple of dealer cost.

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    Rollin’ in my 6.0
    With my panaramic roof open so my hair can blow
    The girlies on standby waving just to say hi . . .

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    Am I interpretating this correctly:
    1. Jump on the GM Quality Bandwagon,
    2. Jump on the Chrysler Sticky Tape Engineering Bandwagon,

    What’s left?

    Oh Toyota, how far you have fallen…

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      Yes, Toyota was also whored off to a Germain firm and used some of their help to build better cars. Oh, and they’ve been at risk of bankruptcy more than once. They also received a “government loan” and left their previous stockholders with claims to a newly formed liquidation company. They have also introduced a hybrid that failed miserably; it was too good for the public so it either didn’t sell, or Toyota had to crush it to prevent it from dominating the market.

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    My first reaction was shock that this must be the new Audi RS6…

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    Mr Toyoda needs to take a sincerely deep and remorseful bow for this truly awful car. While it might not have any quality problems, that doesn’t mean it shouldn’t be “re-called”.

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    Is it me, or does the color on the tC remind me of the B5 Blue paintjob on classic Mopars?

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      Absolutely. All that’s missing is the A12 option with the flat black lift-off hood and huge functional air scoop. Of course, with the Mopar A12 option you also got a 440 Six-Pack, 4-speed, Hurst shifter, and a Dana 60 rearend … not something you’re gonna see here.

      I wouldn’t put it past them to offer the hood (in carbon fiber, naturally).

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    Six surround sound speakers, no subwoofer? I’ll wait for the 6.1, thanks.

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    You know, gimmicky body graphics aside, you’d think that Scion would have introduced a new base model wheel design by now. That’s a gimme when it comes to refreshing/updating a long-in-the-tooth model.

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    Hey y’all. It’s funny because I drive the 2007 model of this car. Well, now that everyone is bashing Toyota and Scion, I figured that someone has to come and try to restore the balance. You see, I used to hate Toyota as well, and I used to feel very liberal, but after watching the ways that some people behave, well, I feel that I am a moderate and a Toyota fan. This car is, indeed, long in the tooth. It, however, isn’t “a Corolla coupe” or “shares the same platform.” I might be wrong, but the Toyota Avensis was one of, if not, the first car to earn 5 stars in the EuroNCAP tests for its class. The tC is, regardless of what other people say, not a bad car. It’s no WRX, no Civic Si, no Mini Cooper S, and no muscle car. It was a compact car that was mis-marketed as a celica replacement. There are stereotypes (I would say negative) about people driving this car and they do seem to be true. It rattles, rolls, and doesn’t handle like a “sporty car,” but it’s also very safe, smooth, relatively quiet, and gets decent gas mileage. It also is not SLOW for its class. There are people that get around in 660cc engines so we should be happy to get a 2.4l in a compact car. This is basically just a rant and you can talk about how someone like me is a poor spokesman for this company and such but really, Toyota is still a good car company.

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      Most will probably agree that the Scion is a decent compact commuter car but the badging writes a cheque that this car simply cannot cash. Anything with RS or 6.0 on its flank is usually backed up by a serious performance upgrade.

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    If they stick a 6 liter engine in there, it could really change Scion’s reputation. Japanese quality (when they fix the pedals) combined with American muscle and power. It could also show that Toyota wants to build some fun, irrational cars. However, it won’t happen.

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