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Mazda Five is Alive

We should have seen this coming when Mazda first called its Furai and Nagare concepts “design studies” instead of “the unfortunate results of a savage brown-acid-and-Lovecraft bender at Mazda’s design studios.” New direct-injection, stop-start engines are approved for the European version of the new Mazda5, but as usual there are no guarantees they’ll make it to the US market version. More details when Mazda5 comes alive at the Geneva auto show.

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21 Comments on “What’s Wrong With This Picture: Ham-Fist of Furai Edition...”

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    There are other pics floating around that don’t make it looks quite so goofy.  I will reserve judgment until I see it in person.  I’m looking for a sportwagon, but this thing is always tempting me.

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    Nothin’ wrong if you ask me.  I want one, especially if it has a third row, however small.

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    I’m loving those sliding back doors.

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    The current Mazda5 is one of my favorites, a great looking minivan that is actually sized so that “mini’ is an appropriate term to use. Sensibly sized much like the original Dodge Caravan/Plymouth Voyager. However, this redesign is quite hideous. First, the unfortunate use of the “smiley” grill, which looks just as goofy here as in all other Mazda applications of it. Secondly, those weird converging swoops on the side. Yuck. Third, they’ve taken the distinctive rear tailights and made them look dull and weirdly Japanese. On the plus side, the revised interior looks good.

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      They need to get their side impact and rollover up to the same as the Mazda6 — I think they could do it without adding bloat, -edit- the newer 3 got much better tests at about the same size.
      Actually, I wish the 3 and 5 got the “flagship” treatment with a HID/Advanced Keyless/BSM package . . . even if it added to the Price $2k-$3k for the packages, they’d succeed in making a touch of luxury in a smaller vehicle.

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    Between the Mazda sh*t-eating cartoon grin and the new design, um, “language” from Acura, I think the current crop of Japanese designers watched waaaaaaaaaaay too much anime.

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    If they made a Mazdaspeed5 and I had money for a new car I would be all over it. The 5 or one of its unobtainable European competitors seems like a good fit for a family of 4 that needs a few extra seats on occasion.
    The side details don’t bother me, the grille could be painted to break up the “smile” and it’s still better looking than a Camry. Besides I have spent 8 years driving a Saturn, I have no shame left.

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    Reminds me of the awful stripes/swooshes they paint on $300,000 RVs…except that new paint won’t cover these up.  Other than that, I like the Mazda5 in theory.

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      On the one hand, they might look sort of like those Coca-Cola graphics on the sides of the delivery trucks. If you fix your eye on just one point and leave it there, when the truck drives by it looks like the white stripe (against the red background) is moving up and down.

      OTOH, it sort of looks like it was side-swiped and the owner hasn’t been able to get it repaired yet.

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    best looking minivan I’ve seen. nothing wrong with that.

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    I actually really like the swooshes on the side. Too bad they’re on the wrong vehicle. While I see that they were trying to spice up the sides, they look like an afterthought and compete with the lower swoosh and upper crease already in play.
    The grille is more noticeable on this model than on the 3 for me because of all that unnecessary. busy plastic cladding going on. It looks pretty cheap as do the large plastic fog light surrounds. If Mazda kept the grille design simpler, at least it could be painted over. I prefer the current Mazda5’s  blandly handsome exterior  to this awkward and goofy redesign. At least based on this one picture. Hopefully there are different  grille options on upper trim levels.  Mazda can do better!

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    I’d call this the Nike-trademark-infringement edition.

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    I understand the Japanese board member that gave the side panels the green light committed harakiri shortly afterwards – I have never in my life seen a more random assortment of lines, creases, bulges and holes. Must have been a team-building game of pin the tail on the donkey – only with design elements and a CAD programme. It almost makes the demented pokemon grin on the front look normal.
    My God, what an absolutely hideous car…

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    Not digging the looks, but it is the only true minivan available on the market today.

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    Richard Chen

    Interesting swoosh there, not as bad as what I thought it would be.
    The side glass looks similar, if not the same to the outgoing 5, I guess we’ll find out at Geneva how much has changed this generation. Also, whether or not the 7th seat makes it to North America this time around – the [Grand] C-Max will have it.

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    Kyle Schellenberg

    This type of styling seems to be a better fit on this than on the 3.  You have to do something to break up the tedium of van design.  I like it.

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    It looks like someone took a whirlpool tub, turned the skin inside out and then flipped the whole thing upside down. And put a stupid face on it.

    If this thing gets as many Piston Slap queries as the current model, it’ll be as troubleprone as it is ugly.

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    I’m holding out for the Roger Rabbit ‘Toon Town edition.  Really, I’d be embarrassed to have this thing parked in my driveway.

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    I’m a Mazda fan, but I can’t stand the Pokemon grille. The side swooshes aren’t so bad, a little more coherent than anything Chris Bangle/Adrian van Hooydonk have dreamed up, but that grille… No worries: Ford is bring the C-Max over, looks infinitely better.

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    Anthropomorphic personification.  The Force is strong with this one.

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    off topic a bit but the picture prompted me to ask…

    does anyone know the justification for amber reflectors on US spec cars?

    they don’t seem to require them in the ROTW…

    i can’t find any answers…even through the almighty google…

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