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This is reportedly the new Aveo RS concept coming to the Detroit Auto Show, and apparently a near-production look at the next-generation Aveo. Well, you weren’t expecting it to look worse than the current model, were you?


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38 Comments on “What’s Wrong With This Picture: A Whole New Aveo Edition...”

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    Doesn’t make me want to give up my GTI.

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    Not great, but at least it looks better than most new Mazdas and Subarus.

    Definitely looks like GM is going for aggressive over playful.

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    Looks like Ford can count on some more Fiesta sales!!

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    I think it looks cool. If it is not a piece of domestic crap GM may have a winner

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    blue adidas

    Hmmm. Looks really good. And it sounds totally strange to say that about an Aveo.

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    We’re so thrilled with the new aveo that we can’t stop doing a snoopy dance. What the heck kind of name is aveo anyway?
    Ugly face (but what modern car doesn’t?) but I’m amazed to say not bad from the profile

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    It looks good. The question is, how smooth is the 5 speed?

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    Looks a lot like the Chevy Spark.

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    Mighty UGLY to my discerning eye

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    Some serious negative camber looking at the bottom picture.

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    GAG — another angry little machine with gunslit windows.  I’ll pass.

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    Looks pretty cool to me. Still, it is not really an American car so I will celebrate its inevitable failure. The failure of the Astra also gave me great pleasure.

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    At 6’3″, I would never buy an Aveo but I have to admit that the beefy look is attractive. It looks considerably better than the current Aveo and just about any competitors product in that market.
    I’ll be shocked if this is the production look and I’ll be even more shocked if this Aveo and the term ‘good quality’ will be mentioned in the same sentence.

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    Looks better than the current one, hell I might actually test drive it.  But now I see why Pontiac had to die, this thing looks like a 9/10ths size Vibe.

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    We used to be able to build roomy small cars without making them this tall and chunky.  What happened?

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    the production version will be fugged up enough to make it plain looking. also, could the c-pillar be any freaking thicker, the rear vision on that will be awful

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    I want to dig my eyes out with a fork

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    Robert Schwartz

    I thought the Aveo was being replaced by the Cruze? Or does the Cruze replace the Cobalt?

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    IMHO, it looks much better than the current Aveo….more hip and different…like a Scion. GM needs more hip…as opposed to their current drivers, who just need hip replacements.

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    While I’m not partial to its design myself, it is definitely polarizing, much as the Fiesta is. Which, generally, is a good thing, as it draws attention to itself so that people, whether they thinks its ugly or not, may check it out. At least New GM is (hopefully) breaking out of the old “keep-it-safe” styling habits.

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    High beltline, ok face, horrible ass…welcome to the “I love mom jeans” fashion accessory!

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    I like it, but the new Chevy face with its huge split grill doesn’t totally work for me. In general though, huge improvement over the current Aveo. Now to see if this will really make it to the showroom intact.

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    The key question: will it still be an 80’s Daewoo under the new sheet metal?

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    It is just me or does this have some similarity to the VW Scirocco concept?  Grill shape, texture, hood, headlights?

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    John Holt

    I don’t think it looks bad – so long as it shares nothing mechanical with the Aveo, which is an abysmal vehicle.
    Isn’t that the Beat?

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    Lets, see. 99.9% of those on dealer lots will NOT have those rimstires and will be shod with tiny, narrow steel rims with low end “high fuel economy” tires. 99.98987% will not have the “Front Fascia appearance package” and instead of the blackwhatever they are fog lampsinserts you’ll see a big poorly fitting body colored insert.
    I’m having trouble believing that GM will keep that dual exhaust setup as standard and may leave it for some sort of “premium edition” so I’d guesstimate 98% will not have that dual exhaust and will instead sport a single dorky mufler awkwardly hanging from its bulbous rear end.

    The design itself fails for the apparant poor visibilty out of the pointlessly over done rear hatch and the Chevy front end fails miserably on this car…more so than others. HOWEVER thats kind of personal preference so I won’t deduct too many points.

    If GM were to sell it EXACTLY as shown I’d give it a thumbs up. Forget “appearance packages” or trim levels that could (after optioning it up enough) end up looking like this. Pick a design, and sell it. One appearance level and thats it. No crappy looking base car and then another optioned up car that you toss in the advertising.
    If you want to stick your foot in the small car market…stop treating small car buyers as “poor kids just lucking for an economy car” and then toss some bean counter slapped crap box on dealer lots. If you want to market this as a “hot little go about” then that’s what you put on dealer lots.

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    Closer to reality
    You can put a big dorky front end on a Daewoo but it’s still Daewoo.  Definitely not so hot from other viewing angles.

    This is the next generation (Daewoo) Aveo.

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    Much less dorky than the current model.  Until, of course, they slap 13″ production wheels in those gaping openings.

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    While I’m not in favor of constant model name changes (Cobalt to Cruze), in this case, the current Aveo is such a POS, a new name would actually be a positive. If they don’t overprice it like the Fiesta, they might be able to move a few of these off the lot.

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    I wonder if that’s a 5-MPH grille…
    It has the look of an old guy wearing pants hiked up to his nipples with suspenders.
    Still, it’s less homely than the existing skate.

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    I think it looks much better than todays Aveo, though I am not in love with the front fascia.  Look around on the internet, the interior pictures look pretty good.

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    No thanks. This car is ugly!

    Just as Peugeot, the purveyor of the big, envoloping headlights and huge, open mouth grilles, go in a new direction, GM comes up w/ this…It’s already dated. Look on the internet for Peugeot concept in the Geneva 2010 show. That’s the future. This is a (very) tardy throwback.

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    I thought I heard somewhere that the new Aveo, Opel Corsa and the Daewoo whatever would be sharing architectures. So does that make this car based on a Daewoo, or Opel?

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