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Here are some full year 2009 new car sales data as they have become available. Along with the source. Caution: Data as reliable as the source.

U.S.A.: down 21.2 percent – 10.4 million units
China: up 45 percent – 13.6 million units
Japan: down 9.3 percent – 4.6 million units
Australia: down 7.4 per cent– 937,328 units
Canada: down 10.7 percent – 1.46 million units i
India: up 18.7 percent– 1.43 million units
Brazil: up 11.35 percent – 3.14 million units
Turkey: up 12.77 percent – 557,126 units
Taiwan: up 28.3 percent – 294,423 units
Philippines: up 6.4 percent – 132,444 units
Russia: down 49 percent – 1,465,917 units

Austria: up 8.8 percent – 319,403 units
: down 11.1 percent – 476,194 units
: down 25.3 percent – 112,271 units
: down 35.2 percent – 90,574 units
: up 10.7 percent – 2,268,671 units
: up 23.2 percent – 3,807,175 units
: down 17.5 percent – 220,548 units
: down 62.1 percent – 57,460 units
: down 0.2 percent – 2,158,010 units
: down 9.7 percent – 47,265 units
: down 22.5 percent – 387,679 units
: down 24.6 percent -160,996 units
: down 17.9 percent – 952,772 units
: down 16.0 percent – 213,408 units
United Kingdom
: down 6.4 percent – 1,994,999 units
: down 77.6 percent – 2,020 units
: down 10.8 percent – 98,675 units
: down 8.2 percent – 264,798 units
: down 49.3 percent – 22,869 units
Czech Republic
: up 12.5 percent – 161,659 units
: down 66.2 percent – 8,234 units
: down 50.4 percent – 78,590 units
: down 80.5 percent – 3,745 units
: down 67.4 percent – 7,003 units
: up 0.1 percent – 320,119 units
: down 59.4 percent – 115,979 units
: up 6.7 percent – 74,717 units
: down 18.7 percent – 55,712 units

European Union (EU15): up 0.9 percent – 13,267,425 units
: down 10.5 percent – 365,493 units
: up 0.5 percent – 13,632,918 units
EU (New Members):
down 26.6 percent – 848,627 units
European Union
: down 1.3 percent – 14,116,052 units
Total Europe (EU+EFTA):
down 1.6 percent – 14,481,545 units

Speaking of unreliable sources: German motormouth  Professor Ferdinand Dudenhöffer, Germany’s most quoted “expert” when it comes to cars, also gained the title “most unreliable sales data source.” In his analysis of worldwide car sales, as quoted by Das Autohaus, he put 2009 U.S. sales at 12.5m (correct number 10.4m.) He prognosticated Chinese sales to be 8.2m (correct number 13.6m.) At the same time – wonder of arithmetic- he correctly presaged that China would outsell the US in 2009. Readers of the magazine demanded his ouster.

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9 Comments on “Car Sales Around The World In 2009: Mostly Down...”

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    Cammy Corrigan

    Where are the figures for the United Kingdom? Don’t we count anymore?

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    Philip Riegert

    He was smart to have the numbers that way – makes americans feel better (even though he was wrong) and is right at the same time! good ol lack of mathematicals.

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    I’m sorry, but mostly down?  The countries that are the most dangerous for destroying the US car maker are way up!

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    Frau Corrigan:  Data not out yet, at least not where I could find them.
    Everybody: As you get 2009 sales data for your or any country, please add them here as a reply, along with the source, please.  They will be added to the list, along with a hat tip to the tipster.

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    Saw on the news here in Brazil that Brazil sold 2.92 Million vehicles in 2009.

    I don’t know if the +51% for the year is correct.


    Somente o resultado do mês de dezembro representa aumento de 16,4% dos emplacamentos, com 293.030 unidades emplacadas contra 238.504 unidades em novembro. O resultado representa o melhor dezembro da história da indústria no país. Ao comparar com o fraco dezembro de 2008 — quando a crise se agravou e o governo anunciou o desconto sobre o IPI (Imposto sobre Produtos Industrializados) — a expansão de dezembro de 2009 foi de 50,6%, de 194.550 unidades para 293.030 unidades.”

    Btw, my portuguese is not perfect. if we have a native Brazillian here perhaps they can translate better:

    “Only the result of the month of december represents a raise of 16.4% of the emplacamentos (License plate = placa so maybe the issuing of license plates…?) with 293,030 units vs 238,504 in November. This result represents the best December of the auto industry in Brazil — Compared to the weak December of 2008 when the crisis got worse and the government announced the discount concerning IPI (Tax of industrialized products). The expansion from December 2009 was 50.6% of 194,550 units to 293,030 units.”

    Further down it says:

    “Ao destacar o segmento de automóveis e comerciais leves (o principal beneficiado do desconto do IPI), as vendas chegaram a 3.009.482 unidades em 2009, aumento de 11,39% sobre o ano anterior. ”

    “After discounting the segment of automobiles and comercial light vehicles (the principal beneficiary of the IPI discount), the sales arrived at 3,009,482 units in 2009, a rais of 11.39% from the previous year.”

    If someone speaks/can translate better, please do, but I think I have about 90% of it :-)

    [email protected] (currently in Brazil practicing my portuguese)

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    Andy D

    Let me ask you, would you be buying a new car in uncertain economic times?  What is the general state of  the economy in the  downs as compared to the  ups?

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    Ireland, WTF?
    I knew they were one of the hardest-hit countries in Europe, but 62% is a huge drop.
    Wonder what the figures were for Iceland.

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    It sounds like the Brazilian numbers were incorrectly reflected by Reuters. The WSJ has them at 11.35 percent, which jibes with robstar’s comments.  Number and source corrected.

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    So, not counting South Korea, we are the world’s 4th largest maerket. Passed Germany. Looked in 2008 that it couldn’t be done. This is a really big WOW for this country.

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