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Maybe Auto Bild missed the memo that police fleet Ford Crown Victorias have been called “Interceptor” since 1992. Either way, they’re arguing that Ford’s new “all-new Interceptor” should be a production version of 2006’s Ford Interceptor Concept. “With it the police’s new transportation would not only be more modern, but also properly cool,” they deadpan. “Ford has to assert itself to remain the dominant supplier of service vehicles. Starting with the Interceptor wouldn’t be bad: the concept looks cool. Next to it, the Crown Victoria looks like a real dinosaur,” is the sage conclusion. Not to mention a luxuriously spacious vehicle. Sorry guys, but short of the Interceptor’s influence on the Taurus (which will most likely underpin the “all new Interceptor”), this one sounds way too cool for reality.

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14 Comments on “What’s Wrong With This Picture: Cool Über Alles Edition...”

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    Cover the grill and it looks just like a 300.

    And if you think a police department anywhere wants to buy 22″ rubber for their cruisers I have a surf shop in Juneau I’d like to talk to you about.

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    Can I change my user name to “Properly Cool”?
    I’ve been trying to like Ford’s chrome grills.  Sorry, this takes it to the next level, and not in a good way.  And there’s something Chevy-esque about the headlights.

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      Can I change my user name to “Properly Cool”?
      You can change your nickname by clicking on the top menu bar, where it says “Hello, <<username>>!”
      Scroll down to the Nickname field, change it to what you want, then select that nickname from the dropdown just below that field.

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    Cool idea for a cop car, and if it happened I would take it as incontrovertible proof that there is a higher power in the universe and he loves me very much.  :P
    But yeah I don’t see police departments budgeting for 22 in rubber, although the current Crown Victoria has 17in steel rims standard now.  I would really love to see a Taurus or previous 500 with AWD and the most powerful naturally aspirated engine Ford can fit under the hood.  (I agree with the many who have said it would be a great use of old tooling, didn’t Chrysler in the 1970s claim that there body stamping tooling was good for producing a 100,000 cars?  How many 500/previous gen Tauri did they build?  20,000 total? Somebody help me out here!)

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    If you make the grill of this car, Black mesh and give it a  450HP engine I’d take it.

    It looks just like a 300

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    There were Interceptors long before the Crown Vic. At least as far back as 1956 Ford put that label on cars equipped with the police pursuit package. The Interceptors used at that time by the Kansas Highway Patrol were Customline series two-door sedans. I thought they looked super sharp in the KHP colors of gray and navy blue.  A kindly trooper gave me a brief but fast ride in his unit, thereby providing a car-crazy boy a great thrill.

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    Jerry Sutherland

    This is a tough looking car and so is the Charger but I’m wondering if it would be held back as a functional police car for the same reasons as the Dodge-high beltline and large C pillar.

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    I don’t see that the high beltline is a handicap for cop cars – I’d think that the smaller rear door windows would be harder for a handcuffed rear-seat rider to kick out. Plus the driver can look meaner glowering at you out the front door window.

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      Jerry Sutherland

      I did an interview last summer with a police officer about his vintage cop car-he’s an avid Mopar guy so he was really disappointed with the assessment of the Charger as a viable police car and the reasons were the high beltline and the c pillar. The standards were based on the Crown Vic’s greenhouse-the Dodge was considered to be too restricted with the smaller window space side and to the rear.
      If I remember correctly, the standards were set by Michigan State Police.He did think that with the end of the Crown Vic run that they would change to better reflect the 21st century design

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    Hope its true, I wouldn’t miss the Vic at all.

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    This is the car Batman uses when the Batmobile is in the shop.

    However, one major concern officers would have with this car is VISIBILITY.  They want to see 360, and up as well.  A tall officer would have  a hard time seeing anything more than 15 feet off the ground.  I have been on many ride-alongs, and have numerous friends in law enforcement.  This is key.  They also like the car to be relatively quiet, as they will often drive with the windows down (even in Minnesota winters) to listen for anything of concern.  The big tires would be expensive to change as often as they do, especially after investigating car accidents.  Finally, as much as I would feel honored to be pulled over by such a cool car, few departments can afford what would probably be a rather expensive ride.  The Crown Vic is a comparatively cheap car. 

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      Funny, the first thing that occurred to me is that it’s the Devil car from “The Car” with James Brolin.  That was a George Barris Mercury, but this gives me the same feel.

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    Looks like a pain to get into and out of all day long.  Poor visibility.  Couldn’t they get rid of that vanity bump on the hood and save us some tax dollars?  On the plus side, cops could tame drunk drivers by smashing their heads on the low roof going into the car and no Judge could prove they did it on purpose.  Save us on lawsuits that way.
    If this were a backup car pulling up to a gunfight the cop inside would be like fish in a barrel.  A better use of stimulus money would be to buy it and give it to urban gangs.  With free wheeling hubcaps no one could stifle a laugh on seeing one and with the economy in the dumps we could all use a laugh.

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    Sorry but I am not one of the ones to fawn over the lastest police state equipment every three years when a “new” kind of police car  is unveiled. The mouse doesnt care to see the latest, greatest, fastest, strongest cat. Let them drive impalas.

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