What's Wrong With This Picture: Young People in Asia Edition

Robert Farago
by Robert Farago
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  • Thekid Thekid on Oct 12, 2009

    Could you live with yourself if good old Max died of thirst (spill-resistant bowl), heat stroke (ventilation fans), bed sores (cushioned cargo area) or blunt force trauma (safety restraints) during his last trip to the vet?

  • Nick Nick on Oct 13, 2009

    Who though crossing a lab with a sharp-pei was a good idea?

  • Martin Albright Martin Albright on Oct 14, 2009

    I'd ask "what's right with this picture" and my answer would be that the Element is one of the very few SUV/CUV type vehicles available that actually has a by-God tailgate! My current ride is a 4runner and while I like most of its features the one piece liftup hatch is annoying. I know tailgates disappeared because vertically challenged soccer moms didn't like leaning over to put their groceries away, but I miss them.

  • Accs Accs on Oct 14, 2009

    Ya know.. For as much as I do love Honda Motor Company... and can carefully appreciate its various vehicles.. (if I smoked enough and or drank enough to appreciate shit like the RDX, ZDX, b.s between TL and TSX.. and the useless RL).. This shit.. just bothers me. How do ya charge 1g for the option of having a dog kit for the car?! Seriously? That would actually make people use the fuckin thing for 1/2 what its designed to do. And we cant have that.. now can we?