By on June 21, 2009

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26 Comments on “What’s Wrong With This Picture: Aston Martin Panamera Edition...”

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    The wheels are like, 25 inches?

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    Jeff Puthuff

    With this and the Renault in the background, it’s official: car designers are out of good ideas. Nice headlight/fender combo, too. Can’t wait to see what this’ll look like when it oxidizes.

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    The problem with this photo is that this is not my driveway!

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    Jeff, you beat me to it. I was wondering wtf that little silver-gray bulbous-assed car with the panoramic rear window was.

    The Aston-Martin, on the other hand, looks fine to me, much cleaner lines than other such sedans I’ve seen. I don’t know that I’d want to ride very far in the back seat.

    Oxidizes? On the relatively few occasions I see Aston-Martins, I’ve not seen one whose paint was oxidized.

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    Ironically, the hidious styling means that it is now illegal in Panama?

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    This was probably being cooked up during the time that Ford still owned Aston-Martin.

    Too bad that wasn’t used as the design for the new Taurus.

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    Jeff Puthuff

    fincar, I was referring to the clear plastic headlight housing oxidizing/yellowing.

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    james bond decided to settle down and have some kids?

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    Well it looks like they stole the wheels off a Delorean, and it’s missing the ducktail spoiler. Aside from that, nothing at all. MMMM.

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    To me, this car is the complete opposite of the Panamera. Where the Porsche has a decent front and ugly back, this has (from all appearances) a well-styled C-pillar and tail, but the front looks like a 10/7th size E-type with a HUGE front overhang. Maybe it looks better in sheetmetal.

    Incidentally, WTF is up with luxury car makers and the high-spoke-count wheels? BMW is showing this on the 7-series and Merc has them on some models. Not a good look and must be a pain to clean.

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    Been done before. Lamborghini Espada and Maserati Indy come to mind even though those are not fordors. The front overhang is reasonable and proportionate to a car of that size. Not everything looks good with the nose of a pug. +1 on the freakish size of the wheels – those puppies must weigh a ton – and be comfortable riding, I’m sure.

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    Anyone who can afford the car has people on the household staff who can clean the wheels.

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    Panamera != Rapide

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    Headlight area a little too big.
    Nose appears a bit too long (in photos.
    -But like a DB9, I’m sure in real life, it looks smaller b/c it tips inward @ the front.
    Front doors a bit too long viz rears.
    Tail might be lengthened a tiny bit if nose could shorten a small bit.

    Otherwise, it’s nowhere near as ugly as a Panamera. Aston’s design unit remains less lazy than Porsche’s.

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    The rear doors should be suicide like the Mazda RX8.

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    i would prefer if the rear doors were gullwing and front were scissor

    but then i’m an raging moron

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    the issue with these cars to me is that they are 750iL and 600SEL competitors

    how good handling is a 6 meter limo gonna be exactly?

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    Martin Schwoerer

    Breathtaking, especially in comparison to the bloated, odd Panamera. Stupid wheels, though.

    What large sedan comes close? Ah yes, the Lagonda — which actually bettered it. But that was not a functional blueprint for am upper-class car.

    And by the way, nothing Patrick Le Quement has done was ever really bad. I hate to contradict Jeff and this is probably the first time ever for me to do so. But the last-gen Megane you see there is good and distinctive, and mirrors good Renault brand values, whereas the new Megane is laborious and boring.

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    Jeff Puthuff

    Martin, I am sure the Megane offers good value for money, but its quirky French styling is very strange to this American, and, thus, unappealing. I hate big butts and I cannot lie . . .

    I do like old Citroens, though.

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    the French are strange in that they design cars only the French like and even then they often don’t get that right…

    I am a fan of Nissan but I can see the French touch all over their cars now.

    This is strange to me as the French are masters of style and design yet they haven’t seem to have been able to transfer that style into their cars.

    Where are the French supercars? An alien to this earth would probably say the Aston Martin is French if you got on their ‘haute coulture’…

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    Rapide should be a Lagonda model name, not an Aston Martin one?

    @Jeff Puthuff: Renault actually used that song to flog Meganes downunder.

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    I hate this whole “Family Ferrari” idea. Next we’ll probably have Smart SUVs or the three row, eight seat Miata. Horses for courses I say.

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    It looks like a very large, expensive Peugeot. I actually like it, but it definitely looks better under studio lighting. I’d have different wheels, though.

    I don’t think French cars are lacking in style – Patrick le Quement had some genuinely interesting designs, and the C6 is gorgeous. I used to find Peugeots really appealing, but the last few years, they’ve churned out one schnoz-heavy nonentity after another. Another Pininfarina coupe would be just the ticket.

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    “james bond decided to settle down and have some kids?”

    Brilliant, Tony! Brilliant!

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    Four-door Coupes are an idiotic idea. Put a proper roof on it or get rid of two of the doors. I’ll take the Renno.

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    Those Renaults are definitely quirky-looking, but they seem to be rather popular in New Zealand.

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