New Audi A8 To Remain A Different Kind Of Luxobarge

Edward Niedermeyer
by Edward Niedermeyer
new audi a8 to remain a different kind of luxobarge

And with the Phaeton rumored to be coming back like déjà vu, why would Audi mess with the A8’s lean, mean luxo-niche? Motorauthority reports that the new A8’s curb weight will top out at 4,180 lb, down from the current 4.2 Quattro’s 4,409 lb. Even crazier? There’s serious consideration being given to a front-wheel drive, turbocharged-four base model with 230 hp pulling a meager 3,630 lb. But this brand blemish is being built to satisfy European emissions standards, not the MKS “crowd” in the US market. A three-liter V6 with 290 hp could make it to the US, complimenting the 372 hp 4.2 V8, with the W12 a solid “maybe”. Crazies and one-uppers will have to wait for a 620 hp 5-liter V10 exclusive to the S8. The new Quattro system features a “torque vectoring SportDifferential,” and styling will be . . . different. “The first generation was very dogmatic and product-design-like. With the second generation, the theme was ‘elegance’—softer, flowing lines. The upcoming third generation will be stronger, sharper, and more precise,” says Audi design boss Stefan Sielaff.

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  • Accs Accs on Mar 13, 2009

    I have to ask... Besides the discussion about displacement.. When is a luxobarge.. not a luxobarge? And how on earth.. could the next A8 not be a LUXObarge. Thats like BMW trying to convince me that the 7 series is lighter, faster and more manuervable. At about 5000lbs, somehow I dont see that FAT PIG taking corners.. at about 105mph.

  • ChuckR ChuckR on Mar 14, 2009

    qfrog - oops, its a 1.8T, not a 2.0T transplanted in accords - you say luxobarge like its a bad thing...

  • Accs Accs on Mar 14, 2009

    Forgive me.. Im what you would call a DRIVER. See, out of all of the luxobarges (german fat ass cars walking around, and I do say walking, cause with that weight, no one is doing any serious speeds) Audi I think has some of the nicest, more coherant desings. I guess it also helps that their interiors are pretty amazing. With that said.. (not that that fact excludes them) a Luxo barge is a luxo barge is a luxo barge. Just the same as a Maser GT. They both are as big as a Town Car. Both cost about 6-7x as much and both do.. relatively the same thing: Coddle the driver in such a way that gives it virtually no driver involvement, and relagated to taking perfectly nice corners.. at a meager 55mph while worrying about sliding into a wall. Even If I had the moolah.. I wouldnt get one. Id like my heart to skip a beat when I pass a Tahoe at about 85 sideways on a entrance ramp.. Thats what driving is about.. not resting ya arm on the door and talking to ya chinese banker about ya weekend golf plans.

  • Landcrusher Landcrusher on Mar 14, 2009

    Execute, and they are heroes. Fail to execute, and they will look like another GM.