Question of the Day: Do You Like Hard Top Convertibles?

Jonny Lieberman
by Jonny Lieberman
question of the day do you like hard top convertibles

Those of you keeping up on your podcasts know that Justin and I are not fans of hard top convertibles. We feel they are too much of a compromise. And they make the donor car look funny (Mercedes SL being the exception). To me, hard top convertibles can best be summed up by the Simpsons (and really — what can’t?). Some of you may remember the infamous Poochie episode, where Itchy & Scratchy’s ratings were tanking and the producers decided it was time to add a new character in the form of the “original dog from hell,” Poochie. But before they came up with Poochie, they conducted a little focus group. “Okay, how many of you kids would like Itchy & Scratchy to deal with real-life problems, like the ones you face every day? (the kids all cheer and agree) And who would like to see them do just the opposite — getting into far-out situations involving robots and magic powers? (more cheering) So, you want a realistic, down-to-earth show… that’s completely off-the-wall and swarming with magic robots? (The kids agree).” This forces Roger Meyers to come out from behind the one way glass and chastise, “You kids don’t know what you want! That’s why you’re still kids: ’cause you’re stupid!” I basically feel that way about hard top convertibles — they’re stupid. Go with one or the other, as the middle of the road is the best place to get hit by a truck. You?

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  • GBG GBG on Oct 04, 2008

    The only convertible I have spent much time in was a rental T-bird in 2003. I loved driving that car, but it was a heavy drinker. At least gas was still below 2.50 in California in those days. With the top up, it was noisy at highway speeds, which made me think that back home in Boston, if I ever had one (used), I'd get the removable hard top to fit. This is one convertible that looks good with the top up or down, or with the hard top on. Not many of the hard top convertibles look as good as the coupes they are based on. And the ones that do, are waay expensive. Caddy, Mercedes, I am looking at you. So the rest, if it looks OK, it probably does not have a coupe version.

  • TR3GUY TR3GUY on Oct 04, 2008
    SEATTLE The reason so many Seattle folk respond is that with less sunshine we want every day we can have in our top down cars. That's why after reading all the posts I think it's another Miata with a HT. The Volvo is a nice car -- softer ride but it's not a sports car. In ten years I can go there but it is like my dad deciding if he wanted a "motor Sailor" boat. No stay with a sail boat (Mason 34) unless you want a motor boat. (Alben) So get a sports car - HT or rag top but get a spots car. Unless you just want a convertible.
  • Justin Berkowitz Justin Berkowitz on Oct 04, 2008

    @TR3GUY: You said it. That's why hardtop convertibles do well here in New York and the rest of the northeast. What's the biggest market for hardtop convertibles in Europe? Why it's London of course! Hell, the VW Eos sold out its entire allocation in Canada BEFORE THEY COULD RUN ANY ADS FOR IT.

  • TR3GUY TR3GUY on Oct 05, 2008

    Talked to the Mazda dealer today. If I took the plunge my payments would really go up for an 09 HT. But it was tempting - as its raining today. I can say even with a HT Miata They were going to ell for 1K over invoice. That's lousy on a GM for for a Miata HT I don't know.