Question Of The Day: Which Car Companies Do You Not Like… But Respect?

Steven Lang
by Steven Lang
question of the day which car companies do you not like but respect

The late Gore Vidal was fond of saying, “Gratitude can be a complicated thing.”

He was right. Whether you are a hater, or simply a chronic critic, the act of complimenting those who follow the beat of a different drummer is usually not within the tip of the human tongue.

We want things our way… and sometimes we’re just plain wrong.

Chrysler minivans may never be a hot rod’s dream and a Neon may have been a little bit too cheap for its own good. But they had beauty and brilliance if you chose to look at the right trim levels and generations.

The same can be said for Suburbans and Silverados. In good times it is the small cars that get the shove. In lean times it’s the opulent gas guzzler. These vehicles may not be the top picks for most city folk and media fashionistas. But they definitely make country life far better.

Toyotas have been labeled as boring for well over thirty years, and yet the company’s products continue to be a gold standard for those seeking fuel efficiency and reliability.

German cars are anointed with the schizophrenic paradozes of glitchiness and outstanding engineering. In much the same way as Korean cars are considered to be cheap, but loaded with great value.

Every manufacturer offers their own DNA and unique qualities to the buying public. Good and bad. Over the last few years, which one of them has garnered your respect? Even though you may not quite like what it is they do?

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  • RatherhaveaBuick RatherhaveaBuick on Nov 28, 2012

    Firstly, Honda. They haven't built anything interesting whatsoever in at least 15 years, but they make excellent engines (mechanically at least) and as a previous poster said, they really know how to put stuff together. Volkswagen is another one. When I think of where they came from, their history, and the products they've made that have left such a mark on the world, I gotta give them respect for becoming such a huge company. Even still, I can't think of a single VW past maybe the early 90's that I find interesting or attractive.

  • Acd Acd on Nov 28, 2012

    Toyota The car that I recommend the most to non-car people who ask but can't imagine actually owning one of the things. They have the excitement of a toaster oven and cost about the same to maintain over the long haul. The driving experience of the average Toyota is the automotive equivalent of heating up an Eggo waffle. Even with their recalls they've earned the benefit of the doubt over the last 40+ years by mostly delivering solid, reliable transportation that give their customers good value for their money. But the thought of having to drive one for 100,000 miles+ just depresses me.

  • CJinSD CJinSD on Nov 29, 2012

    Toyota. Any segment where they compete head to head with Honda, I'd take the Honda. Were I buying a truck, I'd get a Toyota in a heartbeat. Had the new GS been on sale when my company leased an A6, I'd have moved heaven and earth to get the Lexus. I don't really respect a third brand. The other ones that are growing their market shares are doing so by taking advantage of an ignorant public. The young woman that was riding with me in the Audi today commented on one feature. She was impressed by the power folding mirrors. Their proximity warning function has already been the source of a dealer visit and I'm just hoping they keep unfolding through the last 27 months of the lease. I'm not holding my breath. The Audi's 310 hp engine did humble the 429 hp Hyundai that we tested the same day. I'm not a fan of performance that only exists on paper, but there are hundreds of thousands of people that care more about inflated MPG claims and horsepower numbers than they care about their actual operating costs or ability to merge with traffic. It's a grifter's market.

  • Wallstreet Wallstreet on Nov 29, 2012

    Tesla. At least they aren't making vaporwares these days. I'll like to see Toyota ICE underneath their hood to power those battery packs.