Plutocrat-mobile Watch: Maybach Ber Alles?

Edward Niedermeyer
by Edward Niedermeyer
plutocrat mobile watch maybach ber alles

Plenty of rich Corinthian news today from the world of champagne wishes and caviar dreams. Among the weirdest is that Daimler has no plans to axe Maybach because (gasp!) it’s making money! How, you ask? By putting a rolling soft top on its 62S stretched sedan, calling it a Landaulet and charging folks $1.35m. Classy! If you’re having trouble getting a seven-figure auto loan at reasonable terms (and we’ve all been there, no?), Daimler understands. The Germans are helping undercut the raison d’automobile for its high-end German luxury brand by helping Aston build a $100k Lagonda S-Class competitor, aimed at the entry-level plutocrat, Maserati Quattroporte cross-shopping crowd. Egmcartech reports that the sedan, based on Aston’s VH platform, will go on sale in 2012. There will also be a Lagonda version of the Rapide, set to cost more than the sportier Aston version. Meanwhile, as Bugatti unleashes its Veyron GT, there’s word from Automotive News [sub] that the Alsatian luxury brand is developing a Rolls-Royce competitor in partnership with its VW-owned sister company, Bentley. That should come available sometime after the Veyron ends production in 2012.

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  • Nick Nick on Oct 09, 2008
    As the economy crashes I expect that demand for making the roof (windows and all other body panels) bullet proof will eclipse the demand for removing the roof. Yes, I would think that there aren't too many places left where being conspicuously, spectacularly wealthy is safe. I think you can get a Grand Marquis with extra thick glass...

  • SupaMan SupaMan on Oct 09, 2008

    Arent Maybach vehicles built on the last gen S-Class platform?

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  • Dan65708323 I think Ford it going to go under. They can't lose 3 billion ever year for years. All their EV's are on stop sales. Good luck Ford.
  • Kcflyer LC 500
  • Kcflyer Sure, we lose money on each one, but we will make it up on volume :)
  • VoGhost You want to hear something mind blowing? Ford last year lost $34K on every BEV it sold. Tesla made $10K per vehicle sold. So stop telling me that once the legacy ICE automakers get into the EV market that they'll wipe the floor with Tesla. My stock is making way too much money to take you seriously.