Tata Reviving Daimler Brand For Upmarket Ambitions

Edward Niedermeyer
by Edward Niedermeyer
tata reviving daimler brand for upmarket ambitions

We reported earlier that new Jag and Landie owners Tata Motors want to take its once-proud luxury brands back upmarket. According to Auto Motor und Sport, boss Ratan Tata has suggested to investors that Jaguar could revive the Daimler brand to take on Bentley and Rolls. Daimler as in Mercedes? Nein. A little history… Gottlieb Daimler sold his cars in Germany under the Mercedes name. He also licensed the construction of his engine in England. Jaguar bought that company, known as Daimler, in 1960. By the time Ford bought Jaguar in 1989, the Daimler name had become [more or less] a Jaguar trim line, denoting the top level of XJ Sedans in every market but America (where it was called the Vanden Plas to avoid confusion with Daimler-Chrysler). Mercedes-Benz paid Ford $20m for non-exclusive rights to the Daimler name. Ford then sold the Jag, Land Rover and Daimler brands to Tata Motors. Now, for those of you who think think that reviving the storied Daimler name is a no-brainer for Ratan's mob, I have one word: Maybach.

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  • Parimento1 Parimento1 on Jul 29, 2008

    you know, if Maybach was more than a tarted up S-class it might have suceeded. They even looked the same for god sakes!

  • Capeplates Capeplates on Jul 30, 2008

    Whatever TaTa do they always make a huge success of it - thats why they are one of the Worlds leading businesses. Daimler, like the pheonix, shall rise from the ashes

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