New Hyundai Genesis Pricing Examined

Justin Berkowitz
by Justin Berkowitz
new hyundai genesis pricing examined

As the first reviews of the new Hyundai rear wheel-drive Genesis luxury sedan hits the nets and mags, let's check the "value proposition." The 280-horse V6 version stickers for $33k. Your thirty large buys you an Aisin six speed auto (you didn't expect a stick shift in a Lexus-fighter, did you?), six airbags, alphabet soup safety equipment, heated power leather seats (ahem, BMW), auto headlights,and automatic dual climate control. The V6 delivers 18/27 mpgs, which is a pretty impressive number when compared to front wheel-drive cars like the 19/26 V6 Altima. Some $38k puts the 375hp V8 in your driveway. Fuel economy is only marginally worse at 17/25. If you're willing to part with a paltry seven ponies, the 4.6-liter V8 runs on regular (87 octane) gas. And, of course, the V8 comes with more toys: uprated leather, a wood steering wheel and so on. With this kind of Acura "everything standard" pricing, these cars go from good deal to outright bargain. A comparably equipped CTS stickers at well over $40k. On the other hand, a Cadillac's a Cadillac. This is a Hyundai. Which is beating the snot out of Cadillac in the U.S. sales charts. Accent sales jumped 70 percent in June. Elantra and Sonatas are up. Even the luxury-oriented Azera is holding steady. (Hyundai's SUV and minivan sales evaporated along with everyone else's.) As for the Genesis, time will tell.

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  • Rtz Rtz on Jul 02, 2008

    Where's the sporty 2 door model at?

  • HEATHROI HEATHROI on Jul 03, 2008

    I really like the CTS but true delta price diff of $7k shheshh.

  • Willbodine Willbodine on Jul 03, 2008

    I dunno. While I am sure Hyundai benchmarked the E Class and 5 Series during development, it would seem that Genesis's natural competitors are the Chrysler 300 and Pontiac G8. M-B and BMW, deservedly or not, have cachet. Hyundai has none. I have been impressed with some recent Hyundais, but I get the feeling that the factory's philosophy tilts more towards Detroit than Japan.

  • Boosterseat Boosterseat on Jul 03, 2008

    Judging people's natural level of vanity regarding the car they drive and how it reflects on them, driving this car says to those around you 'I could have 'made it', but was too cheap or failed to commit.' Its akin to buying a really well made watch thats pretty expensive, but really isn't anything. They both tell time, but you aspire to own one while the other (this Genesis) you just settle for. Introverted accountants of the world rejoice, there is a new value proposition for you in a $33-40k luxury car. Start pounding out your excel spreadsheet, make your feature/$$ list and go test drive. Yep, good times. For everyone else, who would really rather own this, day in and day out, in front of your friends and loved ones, for 3, 5 or 7 years??? Really now? If anyone shopping has seen how damn good a new CTS, G35, M35, ES350, or any German car is, the entire ownership experience over several years is an absolute non-starter. Genesizzzzzzzzzzzzzz....