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Good karma or bad karma?  Only time will tell.Fisker Automotive is moving ahead with their plans to produce the Karma hybrid-electric sedan. Reuters reports that the former CO2-intensive custom coachbuilder (reskinned Mercedes SL and BMW 6-Series) has signed a letter of intent with Metso Oyj, the parent company of Valmet Automotive. The dynamic duo claims they're going to build 15k copies of Henrik's PC plug-in four-door. (Valmet currently builds Porsche Boxsters and Caymans; their contract with the Sultans of Stuttgart expires in 2012.) Even though there's no actual contract between Fisker and Valmet, and no one's disclosed any financial details, Metso reckons customer deliveries will start in the last quarter of 2009. If Fisker pulls this off, he'll beat GM's plug-in electric – gas hybrid Chevrolet Volt to market. You know, in theory.

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    It might be comparing hybrid apples to electric oranges, but I reckon Fisker will beat Tesla to production as well. Fisker has actually built cars before!

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    BMW 8-Series

    I think it’s the 6-series.

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    Yes, it is the 6 series and the company that does that is officially “Fisker Coachbuild”. “Fisker Automotive” was created for the electric car nonsense.

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    I think it’s the 6-series.

    Fixed. Thanks.

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    Pat Holliday

    I don’t get how no-one has pulled up Fisker on the claims for this car, certainly not in the way Tesla have been hauled over the coals.

    A large 2+2 sedan, 0-60 in the blink of an eye, Maserati styling, an electric-gas drivetrain (a la Volt?) and about $60k asking price.

    Not that Fisker hasn’t styled some nice cars in his time, but come on..?

    Talk is cheap.

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    Check out his relationship with Quantum Technologies, a key partner in his venture to build this vehicle.

    I try not to be, but i am absolutely in love with the design and ‘idea’ of this car.


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    From the side, it’s hard to tell if it’s a goofy-looking sexy sedan, or a sexy-looking goofy sedan…

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    Although Fisker’s pipe dream business plan is rather bold, it does seem much more realistic than Tesla’s. On the Fisker Automotive website they set the target price at $80K with an electric only range of 50 miles and a 0-60 time of less than 6 seconds. The most dubious claim is the 15K/year production run and the 2010 launch date. Ok, actually the 2010 launch date is pure fantasy. Otherwise, I believe Fisker can produce a limited number of vehicles that meet his targets. Whether those will be able to compete with the plethora of plug in hybrids that will be available from trusted manufacturers for a fraction of the price, by the time the Karma actually hits the streets, is another question entirely.

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    The achilles tendon for all EVs are batteries so we need to vait , just like Helicopters were figured out few hundred yrs ago by Michael Angelo ( or some one else ? correct me if wrong)
    But no suitable engines. It needs power of 8 guys but keep adding more folks it can never get off the ground. Something need the power of 8 person but 1/2 the wt or even less.
    Until few hundred yrs later a thing call Internal combustion engine were invented.

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    I heard this on the radio on my way to work this morning. The Valmet Automotive spokeschap did seem somewhat realistic, pretty much saying that if this thing works out it will be good for the company. Still, it would be nice it it worked out. I guess we’ll see in time.

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    The styling of that car looks like it’s designed for five second 0-60, and 160 mph. How long before battery recharging under those conditions?

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    Bozoer Rebbe

    Quantum is the key to Fisker’s success. They already produce a hybrid drivetrain for military vehicles, which will speed development of the Karma.

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    How many computer companies were there in the 1970’s? The big guys (IBM, Wang, DEC) were tired and didn’t understand what was happening. Who knew that in 30 years we could buy more power in a $1,000 PC than was in a 1970’s million dollar mainframe? Many of the 1970’s computer companies failed but the ones that succeeded have given us a great economic and social ride.

    Watching these new car ideas is fun. In 30 years we might be “driving” 300 kilometers per hour on computer controlled roadways in cars with body panels made of silicone treated cheese cloth and using as much power as our flat screen TV. Oil will be used for making suppositories. And we will buy our cars from

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