Volt Birth Watch 1: GM's E-Flex Propulsion Systems Geek Speaks

Robert Farago
by Robert Farago
volt birth watch 1 gm s e flex propulsion systems geek speaks

When Chevrolet unveiled their Volt plug-in concept car at the Detroit auto show, skeptics derided the effort as a pie-in-the-sky PC PR ploy. The Volt project’s credibility certainly wasn’t helped when the company had to backpedal from GM Car Czar Bob Lutz’ 2010 production prediction. (Maximum Bob going off half-cocked at an auto show? Now there’s a surprise.) At the risk of whipping Tesla’s true believers into another self-righteous frenzy, I decided to call GM’s E-Flex Propulsion Systems to see if they’d firmed-up their plans. The project's Vehicle Line Director, the appropriately named Tony Posawatz, was happy to oblige. Click play below for part one.

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  • Seyoda Seyoda on May 24, 2007

    The Chevy Volt E-Flex propulsion System represents a major shift in how American Auto manufacturers go to market. For once they are thinking long-term sustainability and seeing the virtues of a green way of life. Unfortunately, until they roll this technology out to serve the SUV market, Americans will still be paying a premium at the pump due to those who feel the need to drive an Excursion solo 40 miles to and from work. In order to make this technology thrive, there needs to be more options, less trade-offs and a greater level of consumer interest/adoption. Chevy Volt Pictures, news, videos, photos and more http://www.chevy-volt.net

  • Himpg Himpg on May 28, 2007
    44+ mpg by 2010 Families generally NEED 4-6 passenger, 4 or 5 doors, space to carry "stuff" (not the house) AND 50 to 60 mpg combined average. It needs to be RELIABLE AND AFFORDABLE! Whether it is a sedan, wagon, SUV, or crossover is irrelevent! If the VOLT can do 10-20 miles "plug-in" mode it will be a start particularly IF 1) it satisfies the items above AND 2) can be sold with a field upgradeable battery pack (to achieve 40 mile EV range) WHY IS IT NOT AVAILABLE ... NOW? GM's current posture seems to suggest that it will be a "very high priced EXCLUSIVE OFFERING". The general consumer is then just left with 2 options a) wait for Honda or Toyota (or someone else) to satisfy the need/demand; or b) Ask Congress to IMMEDIATELY WAIVE ALL IMPORT RESTRICTIONS AND TARIFFS on ALL vehicles that do get 44 mpg or better, CO2 less than 140 g/km, and meet Euro Step IV (or soon Step V) Emissions and Safety standards(or equivalent); EFFECTIVE IMMEDIATELY for a period of 36 months (OR 300,000 units of each model that satisfy the criteria). IF the consumers are already tired of big gas bills and no choice in ... REAL ... HIGH MPG VEHICLES ... they can tell their elected people in DC ! For an easy way to contact their elected Congressional officials see http://www.drivecongress.com/ "Take Action" or call 866 / 200-6262 Or they can also use http://www.congress.org/congressorg/home/
  • Himpg Himpg on May 28, 2007

    By EPA 2008 mpg methodology FORD is the first of the Detroit group to deliver greater than 30 mpg combined average with their 2008 Escape/Mariner FWD and Mazda Tribute 2WD Hybrids. http://www.fueleconomy.gov/feg/byMPG.htm When will GM respond with anything significantly better? Still for 2007 Honda and Toyota lead with over 42 mpg combined average based on 2008 methology linked above.

  • Seyoda Seyoda on Aug 04, 2007

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