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bmw_3_shootinbreak_ttac_01_02.jpgEarly last month I showed you my impression of the future BMW 3 Series PAS. I promised a look at the other 3-wagon derivative, the shooting brake. Et voila! I've allways had a soft spot for the shooting brake. Their mixture of style and practicality makes me wonder why this genre isn't more popular. I imagined the Bavarian model with a glass roof (very popular with wagons and sports model these days), big wheels and a sloping back (enough to get a clear difference between this and the "normal" wagon). I've also included the side ornament present on the CS Concept and on the recently shown 7-Series. Bespoke LED lights and other details should differentiate the car from the rest of the 3s. The idea of an old Aston Martin's perfume mixed with the dynamics of the latest Bimmer makes me excited to see this car in the flesh.

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12 Comments on “TTAC Photochop: BMW 3-Series Shooting Brake...”

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    I love shooting brakes, and this looks like a car I would actually love, but…

    Why all the pillars?

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    Michael Ayoub

    That looks very, very awesome.

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    That with the twin turbo 3.0L would be very, very exciting indeed. If this was coming to NA I would be right up there on the list to get one..

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    Label this as a Photoshop, please.

    It’s faux news the way it is.

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    The text contains plenty of references to it not being real or an official BMW scetch.
    Im still confused about the shooting brake thing though, “shooting brake” just sounds silly to me no matter how i think about it.

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    I like the headlight direction, but I’m less positive about the enormous front nostrils. BMW seems to consider them the future of the brand if the new 7 is any indication.

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    Im still confused about the shooting brake thing though

    “Shooting Brake (or Break)” is a term used in Europe to describe two-door coupes and sedans converted to a wagon-like configuration by the addition of a rear hatch in place of the trunk.

    The term comes from the days when the were used as conveyances for owners of country estates for transporting hunting gear including firearms. “Break” is still used in Europe to denote station wagons.

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    Shooting Brake was a particular term given to coachbuilt wagon built off a 2 door coupe such as an Aston Martin or that sort of thing. normal sedan based wagons in Europe/UK are called Estates.

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    Perhaps those of us who do not like ugly cars can convince BMW to dump Bangle and hire Avarvarii.

    This is a beautiful design which thankfully lacks the Bangle swoops and cheesy cutlines.

    Thanks, Andrei!

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    Mirko Reinhardt

    So… is the 3-door 1-series a shooting brake?

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    @ Mirko Reinhardt
    No, the 3-door 1-Series is “just” a hatchback. Shooting brakes were originally a special coach-build derived from a coupe or a roadster. A good example from BMW would be the Z3 Coupe. The best example that comes to my mind is the
    1992 Aston Martin Virage Shooting Brake.

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    Eugh. With no offense to your skills Andrei, but I do not like this.

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