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We’ve seen photos of the refreshed BMW 3-Series coupe and convertible, but shots of the sedan have proven somewhat more elusive. Luckily TTAC has eyes everywhere. Commenter dinu01 spied this updated 3-Series testing near Toronto. “Both front and rear emblems are taped,” he reports. “The driver did not want to be photographed and went between 150-160 km/h.” Have a spy shot of your own? Share it with our contact form, and we’ll share it with TTAC’s readers.

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14 Comments on “TTAC Spy Shots: BMW 3-Series Facelift...”

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    The taillights look very Infinitiesque. Still a vast improvement over the current hideous rump.

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    You’re kidding, right? This is the new 2011 5 series sedan (F10). The 3 series sedan (E90) received its facelift for MY 2009.

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    If you crop out the Hoffmeister kink and the wheel arch, it starts to look like an early Taurus (first Mini turning into a Suburban, now BMWs channeling Taurus … did J Mays move to BMW and I missed to hear about it?)

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    Eh!?! You can’t even distinguish the new 5 series from a 3 series?! Or know that the 3 series was just facelifted and won’t get another facelift before being replaced? I really thought you guys knew a lot more about cars to be this daft.

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    Finally, a Mazda 3 caught a BMW 3.

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    150 to 160? Of course there’s never an O.P.P. around when you need one! Mr/Ms O.P.P. could have pulled the BMW driver over and helped produce some better pics.

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    So it is the 5 series then…? My apologies if that’s the case – the rear of the car certainly did not look as big as the current 5 series, hence why I was under the wrong impression thinking it could be a new larger 3 series.

    As for the OPP, I drive that section of the 401 5 times a week and recently 2-3 times a week I see them writing someone up, usually in unmarked gold Tahoes. They are there, but don`t stand out so much.

    Happy Motoring!

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    That is definitely a 5 series (F10). The redesigned 3 series sedan hasn’t been released, and likely won’t have another facelift until a newer model comes out (besides the changes for 2011 to the coupe/convert). If you look up BMW F10 or 2011 Bmw 5 series, 5 series you can definitely tell this is the new 5 series. Good catch though regardless.

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    I know I’m going to get flamed for it, but I’m going to go out on a limb and say the current gen 3-series, prior to its recent face lift, was one of the best looking small sedans ever. It was distinctive and unmistakable without being gaudy.

    I predict we’ll all look at that car in 30-40 years and recognize it as one of the emblematic cars of this time.

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      ‘z4eva’, i am going to one up you on the flaming…

      I think the E60 5 series is one of the most iconic 4 door cars of the past decade, if not ever. From the day I first laid eyes on it and in photographs ever since, I think it is simply one of the most perfect exterior designs I have ever seen. Even to this day, I will do full walk arounds and spend minutes digesting what is absolutely perfect exterior execution.

      The E60 M5, even after seeing the new Cadillac, Mercedes, Audi, Lexus, Infiniti, Jaguar, etc etc design language continues to hold the candle as the most perfect looking 4 door sedan I have ever seen. The desing is so cohesive, so slab sided, so fresh, I just cant say enough about it.

      I never understood the criticism of the “bangled 5 series”. Forget the M5 for a moment, simply take a 2008 E60 with the M sport package. I think that car could be parked next to any other 4 door car on this planet and holds its own even 5 years from now (at which point, the design would be 11 years old).

      Bottom line, the E60 5 series for all its critics was an iconic design.

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      Amendment X

      No, the E60 is not iconic. It is a misshapen, poorly-executed mish-mash of designs. The E39 was iconic.

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    I can understand mistaking a 5-series for a 3-series, since the 3-series is so damned big anymore.

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