Ford Execs Talk Financials, Future and Flex

ford execs talk financials future and flex

Buried in a story about the upcoming launches of the Ford Flex and the 2009 F-150: Ford's view of the future. Reporter Jeremy Cato spent some QT with Ford execs (including FoMoCo CEO Big Al Mullaly himself) to find out if there's a future in their Ford. Once again, Ford's top brass tout their forthcoming product revamps to predict a return to operationally profitability by the last financial quarter. In that vein, Ford intends to release models that will be "polarizing" for most consumers. Huh? "That's is exactly what we want," proclaims the Flex's design chief. By the end of the article, Cato remains unconvinced that the Flex will be relevant. (Not everyone can– or should– be Chris Bangle.) Cato declares that all Ford's marketing-speak, brand sell-off and quality initiatives are essentially Big Al's push to turn Ford into Toyota. You know: one global brand, a solid reputation for quality and billions in profits posted like clockwork every quarter. Yeah. that one. Meanwhile, The Blue Oval Boyz concede a porno style loss for the fiscal year. Yes, "it will be a big one."

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  • Crc Crc on May 14, 2008

    The only thing polarizing to me is the name. I thought AM learned his lesson with the 500/Taurus names. This should be a Fairlane. Flex is absolutely stupid. I'll consider purchasing when they change the name in a year and a half.

  • Umterp85 Umterp85 on May 14, 2008

    crc....could not agree more. As previously least offer the Country Squire version

  • Jamie1 (of Ford) Jamie1 (of Ford) on May 14, 2008
    picard234 : Mullaly gets shuttled around the complex in a Lincoln Town Car. Whether he drives his Lexus to/from work, I don’t know… IMHO this Flex is a turd as is the upcoming Lincoln MKS. Excellent - misinformed people trying to make out they know what is going on at Ford. Well done sir. You are wrong on every count. How Mulally (please note the spelling of your own CEO by the way) travels depends on a whole host of things and is of little or no concern. Either way, he drives or is driven in, FMC product. The Flex and MKS will obviously not be 'turds' as you so delicately put it. The Flex is a stand out vehicle, well manufactured and admired already by consumers and press alike. Sorry to disappoint the doomsayers but Ford is very much alive and kicking. Hope that anyone working for Ford who disagrees moves on as quickly as possible.

  • Ppellico Ppellico on May 14, 2008

    I feel sorry for theTaurus X as I feel with the new changes, it actually is a very fine vehicle. If only Ford had let people know about it. The Flex and the X cannot occupy the same showroom floors without hurting each other. To bad...I like them both. And yes, even the Flex look...but I also loved the old Intl. Harvester looks. Having sat in both along with the competion crossovers...these seem sooo much larger. Very nice. If only they had diesel.