Ferrari Reclaiming Coachbuilt Heritage

ferrari reclaiming coachbuilt heritage

Exclusivity is as integral to Ferrari's branding strategy as blistering performance. Since the 1950's Ferrari has turned its cars over to a number of coachbuilders who have wrapped the Scuderia's finest in unique, emotive designs. Over the years, the relationship between Ferrari and its coachbuilders has evolved, and the design of recent factory Ferraris has been handled by traditional partner firms like Pininfarina. Recently limited-edition coachbuilt Ferraris have been making a comeback, as evidenced by such offerings as Pininfarina's $4m Enzo-based 612 P4/5 and 612K, and the Vandenbrink Design 599 GTO Mugello. But Motor Authority reports that Ferrari doesn't want to be left out of the tiny market of folks with the [s]commitment to one-upmanship[/s] exquisite taste to pay millions extra for a wholly unique version of their favorite Ferrari model. Accordingly, the Scuderia will collaborate with its three favored design houses, Fioraventi, Pininfarina and Zagato to create a range of factory-approved one-off custom designs. Initially only the F430, 612 Scaglietti and Enzo will be eligible for the Italian design treatment, although if the program meets with sufficient approval, the newer 599 Fiorano and California may become eligible as well. Expect the well-dressed supercars to begin appearing in the second half of this year, led by a Fioraventi-designed offering.

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  • Landcrusher Landcrusher on May 28, 2008

    Ah, the beauty of capitalism. Anything that seperates the super rich from their cash while rewarding the talents and hardwork of people who build things is brilliant. Bravo!