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garbage-truck.jpgHere's another one for TTAC's new Whisky Tango Foxtrot category… Ontario's new anti-street racing laws were enforced for the first time when a garbage truck was clocked doing about 70mph in a 40 mph zone. The Record reports that the Great Lakes Waste Management truck would be impounded for seven days, and the driver's license suspended for a week– on top of a $2,000 fine for street-racing. The citation has caused the Ontario police to expand its investigations into alleged street racing beyond the initial targets ("young men in cars," surprise, surprise). Their undue diligence now includes commercial vehicles. "The more we apply this new legislation, we're seeing this problem is across the board," says Ontario Police constable Joanna Van Mierlo. That, or garbage truck drivers are far more dedicated to time efficiency than previously thought. Talk about going like stink! [thanks to QuasiMondo for the link]

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8 Comments on “Garbage Truck Bagged For Street Racing...”

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    Brendon from Canada

    Yeah, this was kinda funny – however it’s far from the first time the law has been enforced; the first week saw quite a few cars impounded. This might actually be one of the “better” implementations of the law – 70 in a 40 most likely means city streets in Ontario (though it could be a non-paved country road – paved country roads are usually 50mph).

    As an aside, it’s generally pretty assinine that ~90mph in a 60mph zone on the 400 series higways will get you impounded, but drop below 80mph during rush hour in the left lane and you get some serious light flashing/tailgating….

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    The Ontario police are catching tons of people, on average 22 charges per day, for “street racing”. Many of them are impatient commuters on major highways. The oldest was an 85 year old man in an Oldsmobile. This is just the first time they’ve impounded a garbage truck under this (poorly-named) law.

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    Their definition of “Street Racing” needs drastic updating if merely speeding constitutes racing. While speeding tickets are too readily available across the country (some of us don’t understand why a cop passes by blatant moving violations for mere 2-3mph speeding tickets, especially when said offenses cause almost-wrecks on a daily basis around here…….), around here, you have to do a bit more to get a true “Street Racing” ticket like, I don’t know, race…

    I’ve said it many times, and for every time I say it, 100,000 other people do as well; Speeding DOES NOT CAUSE WRECKS. The idiot driver side-swiping someone for changing lanes in the middle of two turning lanes does. The apparently blind mother in her SUV stopped an entire car length over the white line with 6 feet of her car parked in opposing traffic does. The fool who thinks she can take her Wrangler over a median @ 70mph because she missed her exit does. The businessman who runs a red light because waiting 45 seconds would put him behind does.

    Yet these same people perform the same illegal tactics daily, without repercussions…

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    Did the truck have a nice big rear spoiler and stickers aplenty?

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    I’m amazed that the truck would even do 70mph.

    Most urban vocational trucks have a relatively small motor (6-9L) with low gearing; Most top out around 55-60mph.

    On top of that almost all company owned trucks have a governor set at 62-65 for liability and fuel economy purposes.

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    Yet another case of everyone thinking a new law is so great, then realizing that it won’t just be the other guys getting nailed.

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    Maybe the Waste Management driver was speeding away from an animated, advancing greenscape and incessantly singing birds; they say garbage fumes can be toxic like da mushrooms.

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    Welcome to Communist Ontario, Canada!
    In this province you can be stopped, charged with “street racing” (doesn’t a “race” need more then one contestant??) and based on the ACCUSATION of someone wearing a badge have:
    A) your drivers licence suspended for a week
    B) your vehicle towed and impounded for a week after which you will pay for the tow and pay for the weeks storage.
    C) a day in court where (again, based on a single ACCUSATION by a police officer) you WILL be fined a minimum of $2000 and up to $10000 depending on the mood of the judge and the presentation of the accusing officer.
    D) an insurance “adjustment” of roughly 50% or in the case of a driver who has already had a couple of infractions the total denial of auto insurance by his insuring company.

    It is important to note that no collaborating evidence is required by the officer and he does not need video evidence or the testimony of another officer to have you convicted. His word is law and trumps anything you have to say. In Ontario, Canada police officers NEVER lie in court. Nor are they ever in error in the performance of their job by targeting the wrong vehicle with their radar equipment.
    Much like their boss Julian Fantino they are superhuman.

    When Fantino and his pals in government forced this law down our throats they also enacted the same penalty for “stunting”. What is stunting?
    Stunting can be jumping a green light to make a left hand turn ahead of a slow moving semi. It can be raising the front or rear wheel of your motorcycle in a “dangerous” manner. It can be anything that your OPP supercop wants it to be and it will cost you lots of $$$ to fight in court. Remember….you have already been convicted on the side of the road by having your licence and vehicle taken from you.

    Drivers rights in Ontario…we have NONE!

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