Bertone Has Buyers

bertone has buyers

Legendary automotive atelier Bertone has fallen on hard times, having filed for for bankruptcy protection back in November. Now Automotive News [sub] tells us the gentlemen callers from the world over are lining up, hoping to buy the Bertone name, assets and cachet. Automakers FAW from China, and Mahindra from India, as well as Italian suppliers DR Motor, and German engineering firm PCL Group join former Bertone rival Italdesign in the bidding war. Bertone was responsible for some of the most influential designs in automotive history, having penned Lambo's Miura, Espada, Countach and Diablo, the Ferrari 250 Lusso, the Lancia Stratos and many others. Just how much wedge (sorry) it will take to buy up the design firm remains to be seen. We will go out on a limb and say that of all the competing firms, FAW probably needs a little Bertone styling magic the most. Lets just hope ol' Giovanni Bertone's grave has been properly spin-proofed.

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