Saab's Lars Hgerborg: Brand Has a Buyer. Allegedly.

Alex L. Dykes
by Alex L. Dykes
saab s lars hgerborg brand has a buyer allegedly

In an odd interview in automotorsport, Lars Hägerborg of Saab Sweden claims they now have concrete facts about a new owner. As we all expected this really doesn’t mean the end of Opels re-badged as Saabs (not to mention Chevy SUVs) as Lars says GM’s mind-NSFW game, er, cooperation will last at least another five years. Supposedly GM Powertrain Sweden will continue to share parts and tech with the other GM divisions but will keep “the best bits to themselves.” Judging by the turbo I4s that Saab has been cranking out lately, I’d say they can keep whatever they have and nobody will mind. Next in the process is lining up some government bailout funds to (as Lars says) “[be] a loan that allows us to move forward.” Lars also whined that the automotive press is too harsh on Saab for their abject failures and that we should instead focus on the future and their new [vaporware] models which are yet again later than expected. The new models of course being the Opel in a Saab suit 9-5 and the “Chevy in a Saab suit” 9-4. Good luck Saab, you’re gonna need it.

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  • Ffdr4 Ffdr4 on Mar 26, 2009

    I have a Saab and an Acura both from the same model year. Both have 4 cylinder engines. The 4 banger on the Saab is smoother, has more linear acceleration, quieter, a better a powerband and is more fuel efficient than the Acura with the Honda engine. Reliability wise they've both equal. Dealer service wise, the Acura dealer tried to bully me into a bunch of unecessary service. Saab service has been good.

  • Fred diesel Fred diesel on Mar 26, 2009

    Finally..."gaycorvette" Ive owned/fixed dozens of these 03 and newer Saab 93s...and yes, Ive seen a couple of window regs fail...usually had something to do with ICE. The trans problem wasnt really a trans problem...more to do with coolant and trans oil mixing in the unsealed threads in the radiator...Saab and many others use basically this same Japanese Aisin-Warner trans and theyve been very reliable. The parking brake corrected that year...guess your crappy Saab dealer couldnt care. But overall Saab "gotchas" pale in comparison to all the ones I see in the rest of the over-rated German and Japanese car world.

  • 70 Chevelle SS454 70 Chevelle SS454 on Mar 26, 2009
    "Saab’s Lars Hägerborg: Brand has a Buyer. Allegedly." The buyer tried to get Daimler first, but just didn't have enough cash.

  • RetardedSparks RetardedSparks on Mar 26, 2009

    I'm really liking the Saab/Fiat tie-up. That would give Saab a platform to launch a fleet of cool, aero retro-mobiles. The 92, 93 and Sonett 1 would be awesome! Seriously, those things would fit the New Beetle, MIMI, New Fiat 500 market perfectly.