Porsche Slaps a Cease and Desist Order on Winding Road for "Solstice Targa"

Robert Farago
by Robert Farago
porsche slaps a cease and desist order on winding road for solstice targa

"Farago better cover his ears," former TTACer Chris Paukert said, kneeling by one of his colleagues in the floor of the press room. As if. Turns out Porsche has issued a cease and desist order against Paukert's current employer, windingroad.com, after the website referred to the new Solstice hardtop as a "Solstice Targa." Within hours, the automaker sent a legal document ordering them to stop using the word "Targa" for anything other other than a Porsche Targa (named after the Targa Florio). They "suggested" the alternative: "T-top" or "removable glass roof." While we understand Porsche's Kleenex-like desire to protect their model nomenclature, perhaps a quiet word in the website's proverbial ear would have sufficed. We also wonder if Porsche would have been satisfied if Winding Road had used a small "t" instead of a capital "T." I know: let's see what happens. Solstice targa. Anything? Just for fun: Solstice Targa. Frank, put Ms. Brown on standby.

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  • Tiger260 Tiger260 on Mar 20, 2008

    ....of course, Porsche themselves stole the concept of the Targa top from the Triumph TR4 which first introduced it in 1961 as the "Surrey Top". Look it up on Google images, you'll see what I mean. As a certified Triumph anorak (brit slang) I can tell you that the "Surrey Top" actually referred specifically to the removeable panel itself, and not the whole assembly. Mind you, at least Porsche had the sense to call it something different. I don't think that "Porsche Surrey" has such a catchy ring to it?

  • Robert Schwartz Robert Schwartz on Mar 20, 2008

    Targa Targa Targa Targa Targa Bite Me, Porsche, just go ahead and bite me.

  • Yournamehere Yournamehere on Mar 20, 2008

    no one buys the Porsche Targa anyway...what do they care

  • Driving course Driving course on Mar 20, 2008

    Porsche better put http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Targa_top on their list of people with quite a list of non-Porsche targas...