Morgan Lifecar (a.k.a. Aero 8 Fuel Cell) Revealed

Edward Niedermeyer
by Edward Niedermeyer
morgan lifecar a k a aero 8 fuel cell revealed

Morgan has long been known as the maker of quirky British cars with technology, materials and looks straight from the early 20th century. With the de rigeur pre-Geneva release of its jointly developed prototype Lifecar, it seems that Morgan has decided to skip a hundred years or so of automotive development and go straight to fuel cells. Based on the Morgan Aero 8, co-developed by a consortium of British Universities and defense companies, the Lifecar concept features a relatively small 22kw fuel cell. With supercapacitors replacing batteries and regenerative braking, the Lifecar is pegged to scoot to 60mph in seven seconds and have a 250 mile range (now why does that sound so familiar?). The key to Lifecar's performance: a lean 1,500lb curb weight. Morgan's woodworking prowess helped give the Aero 8's crash diet a little class, fitting the concept with a super-lightweight wooden interior and seats. Morgan is not ruling out possible Lifecar production if there's an "enormous response." And if the idea of a totally silent lightweight Coupe based on an unavailable fuel source doesn't tickle your "enormous response," Morgan might just throw in a pair of headphones which will playback the sound of their five-liter V8 in time with the movements of your right foot. Now where's that checkbook?

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  • Engineer Engineer on Mar 03, 2008

    Edward, Let's ignore 22 kW that should have been 30 hp. I bet that gets the point accross. Maybe I'm just full of myself. Comments?