Germans "Steal" Oscar Mayer Wienermobile

Robert Farago
by Robert Farago
germans steal oscar mayer wienermobile

Since 1936, Oscar Mayer's hot dog-shaped vehicle has been keeping the company's weiners in the automotive limelight. (We're talking MECHANICALLY SEPARATED TURKEY, PORK, MECHANICALLY SEPARATED CHICKEN, WATER, CONTAINS LESS THAN 2% OF SALT, FLAVOR, SODIUM LACTATE, CORN SYRUP, SODIUM PHOSPHATES, DEXTROSE, SODIUM DIACETATE, SODIUM ERYTHORBATE (MADE FROM SUGAR), SODIUM NITRITE on wheels.) And during that time, the Wienermobile has always ridden on an American chassis. As The New York Times reports, the previous gen was no exception, sitting on a Chevy W-4 series truck platform. No more. As you can see here, the new Weinermobile is a based on the German-owned, British-built MINI Cooper (S no less). It's a change that didn't escape the attention of NYT scribe Robert Peele. "I asked [spinmeister] Big Dog Bill if the smaller vehicle was a signal that Oscar Mayer was adjusting to concern over gas prices and fuel efficiency. Was this an attempt at a greener Wienermobile? The answer was slightly disappointing. While the Mini Wiener will indeed be more fuel efficient, he said, its true raison d’être was to celebrate Oscar Mayer’s 125th anniversary." (Way to press the point, Mr. Peele.) Too bad the Weinermobile doesn't sit on an old Subaru platform. Then they could could take it international as a Bratwurstmobile. [thanks to starlightmica for the link]

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