Ford Ups Shelby GT500KR Production by 746

ford ups shelby gt500kr production by 746

In a move sure to annoy potential GT500KR owners– who were banking on the supply – demand equation to protect their $65k-ish (plus premium) investment– Ford has announced they're gonna build more examples than previously announced. The original plan, from the caption of their PR photo: "Featuring classic Shelby KR design cues and Ford Racing performance upgrades, the GT500KR will be produced in a limited-run of 1000 units arriving spring 2008." Ward's Automotive reports the new plan: an additional 746 GTK500Rs. "Of the additional 746 units, 571 will be allocated to U.S. customers, thus equaling the 1,571-unit production run of the original ‘68 Shelby GT500KR." So that's alright then. “I’m glad we can share it with more Mustang enthusiasts,” 'Ole Shel says in a statement. “This car is really special to me and my [s]bank account[/s] demonstrates that when Shelby Automobiles gets together with Ford SVT and Ford Racing, we can deliver a Mustang that will compete with the best in the world.” Roush and Saleen would agree, albeit through gritted teeth.

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  • Sajeev Mehta Sajeev Mehta on Mar 26, 2008

    RF: the "1000 copies" mark is true, but its still less than "2000." Production is just as limited as some of the hottest big blocks of the past, and if anything, the market is wealthier and hungry for Detroit Iron that doesn't suck. Its quite common for muscle car folk to sell their vintage iron on the rarity of its color combo (1 of 250, 1 of 20 with no graphics or with a black interior) so why not follow suit with these new ones?

  • Doctorv8 Doctorv8 on Mar 26, 2008

    MSRP of $42170? I think you are quoting the base MSRP of a "regular" GT500...not a KR.

  • Robert Farago Robert Farago on Mar 26, 2008
    doctorv8 : MSRP of $42170? I think you are quoting the base MSRP of a “regular” GT500…not a KR. D'oh! Text amended.

  • TriShield TriShield on Mar 26, 2008

    It matters very little. When Shelby finally kicks the bucket every Mustang he had a hand in will likely appreciate even more.