Ex-Shell CEO Tells EU to Ban Sub-35 Mpg Cars

Frank Williams
by Frank Williams
ex shell ceo tells eu to ban sub 35 mpg cars

Think The Big 2.8 have it rough with new federal Corporate Average Fuel Economy (CAFE) standards? The ex-chairman of Shell Oil is calling for the European Union to ban all cars that get less than 35mpg. Pistonheads reports that Sir Mark Moody-Stuart told the BBC that "nobody needs a car that does 10-15mpg." An Aston is OK, "but only if it did 50 – 60mpg." Sir Mark doesn't agree that increasing road and fuel taxes is a better way level the proverbial playing field; the wealthy shouldn't be allowed to pay their way out of their responsibility for climate change. Sir Mark did relent a bit on the subject of older cars. Under his "If I ruled the world" plan, sub-35 mpg motors would be allowed to "die off" as they're replaced by newer high-mileage vehicles. And if you think Sir Mark is just another sherry-addled Lord, keep in mind that the EU in general, the UK in specific and London in particular are doing everything they can to tax low mileage cars off the roads. Sir Mark's ban is simply the logical progression of an existing policy.

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  • Kiwi_Mark_in_Aussie Kiwi_Mark_in_Aussie on Feb 04, 2008

    oh dear...he's been sniffing a bit too much of his own product....

  • NICKNICK NICKNICK on Feb 04, 2008

    Ever wonder why a nice set of golf clubs costs $1500? why a nice bicycle costs $1500? why a nice pair of skis and poles costs $1500? why a nice camera costs $1500? There is a certain amount of money in an average budget for recreation and unnecessary spending. If you take away gas guzzlers, people will spend the same fuel money wasting energy elsewhere--maybe bringing back joyriding and sunday drives. just for fun, i hope that forcing people into fuel-efficient cars leads to cheaper driving and therefore more people on the roads. i hope everyone hoping for this kind of regulation chokes in traffic. I drive a fuel-efficient sub compact hatch (tiny turbo four)...and i burn 100 gallons of gas a month. people have complimented me on my environmentally-friendly choice of vehicle while berating the short-commute hummer owner burning 50 gallons a month. who needs the wrist-slap here? Pick up your regulations, take your busybody friends, and get the heck out of government.

  • David C. Holzman David C. Holzman on Feb 04, 2008

    Landcrusher, The Cubans do an amazing job keeping those cars running. There is one mechanic in Cuba who specializes in making rings for I forget which model '50s American car. I recently saw an NPR documentary (someone loaned it to me) from the early '00s. Its like Brigadoon. A living museum. David

  • Joeaverage Joeaverage on Feb 05, 2008

    Jeremy Clarkson did a Motorworld episode on Cuba in the early 1990s. I doubt anyone will try to import those museum pieces. They are sometimes BEYOND worn out (not all of them I'm sure). They showed one family making a new rear fender for an late 40s/early 50s car from the roof of a Caddy by beating it out on the curb! Looked like it fit pretty well too. I can only imagine how bad those cars must be now 15 years after that Motorworld episode. I agree with the poster above, take away the gas guzzlers and people will find new ways to pollute or spend their cash. I am a VW Cabrio daily driver and feel certain that if the majority of cars were sub-compacts like mine, we'd be driving faster or further and consuming just as much fuel. Whatever the truth I would welcome more small cars on the roads though.