QOTD: Which New Vehicle Disappoints You the Most?

Jonny Lieberman
by Jonny Lieberman

GM's full-size hybrids still get lousy mileage (25 percent better than bad still sucks). The new Dodge Challenger weighs more than two tons. The new four-door Honda Accord is goofy looking. Subaru has thrown Harry Potter's cloak of invisibility over the WRX and raised the STI's price into the Porschephere. The Jaguar XF is not half as sexy as the concept. BMWs keep getting uglier and Audis continue to bloat. And then there's the new Scion xB. As Paul Niedermeyer's review points out, its hundreds of pounds heavier than its predecessor. The engine has nearly doubled in size. Combined gas mileage is down– way down– to about 26 mpg combined. And it doesn't look anywhere near as striking as the first generation love it or hate it boxy box. C'mon then, share your pain.

Jonny Lieberman
Jonny Lieberman

Cleanup driver for Team Black Metal V8olvo.

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  • Sanman111 Sanman111 on Feb 26, 2008

    I/m going to echo the senitments of many here and agree that the Accord is ugly, the Focus is a bigger let down than I thought possible, and pretty much all Chrysler products are terrible. However, the biggest issues I have are the xB getting too big as it would've been my next car otherwise, the Impreza for making subaru throw away its corporate sensibilities. THey are cheapening the drivetrain and mechanicals to try to make the interior nicer and throw in more toys. Finally, the Civic for having surprising build quality problems and not offering the 160 hp engine in the EX model.

  • Hoove Hoove on Feb 26, 2008

    The new Audi TT. What a boring little mini-Lexus. Why must one spend 100k+ to buy a "real" sports car with "real" sports car looks these days(R8). Either that or consider spending way too much to own a Porsche speed bump blob on wheels. It's gotta be some kind of conspiracy. I appreciate VW-Audi over Japanese models, its probably the European design element or philosophy whatever that might mean. Why must they continue to make boxes into sports cars, and sports cars into luxo-crap. When I sit in and drive a Mazda RX a Z or an Eclipse I get this feeling, a feeling like im sitting in a imitation. Its like "Here you poor sucker who cant afford a sports car, this is a plastiky disposable thing that you'll need to trade in next year because you'll be bored to death of it. Have a nice day" Dear VW, Make the Sirocco again but this time make it RWD(not a Corrado)not a hatchback and make it something I'd love to own for 15+ years. I know thats asking allot. VW Iroc! No!No!No! Dont stretch a GTI! what are you thinking! Where's my mini R8 I want it NOW! Runner up: Pontiac Solstice and its rebadge. Enough said.

  • Kman Kman on Feb 27, 2008

    Grossly disappointed by the Impreza, so add my voice to those. Sure the sedan is anonymous-looking, but the hatch (the one I'd considered) is ... um, "ugly" isn't the right word... I'd call it embarassing. Like those Ferrari-replica-bodykits on a Camaro. I feel bad for the driver whenever I see one. Also disappointed / upset at the EX35. The expected great driving dynamics are there... but have you sat in the back seat? If you haven't, it's probably cause you couldn't get in or fit. It's supposed to have some utility, afterall. The back see is simply insulting to be in an SUV. At a recent car show, I quickly moved from the EX's back seat, to the smallest one I could think of nearby: the Aveo. The Aveo's was roomier (I'm 6'2"). I hate vehicles that forget what they are. - Why would I get the EX35? - "Cause it drives sporty!" - But I could get a G37 coupe, it drives even sportier. - "But then you wouldn't have the utility" - Bingo. It's too bad, though, because the EX has arguably the most gorgeous cockpit this side of a Touareg2. I will also cast a dissenting vote on the enew Honda Accord. I found it to be bloody ggorgeous. Have you seen that sedan from 3/4 rear? Or side profile? The first photo I saw of it, I thought "Excellent! They've finally fixed the 5-series and brought it back to its heydey of the E39!". The new Accord has great proportions, nicely drawn character lines and an overall handsome sedan look.

  • Driver23 Driver23 on Mar 07, 2008

    BMW M3. Too fat. Yeah, given sufficient thrust even pigs will fly. Acura RL. A definition of ugly.