Mercedes SLR McLaren Not Street Legal in GA, MD, MO, VA and WI

Robert Farago
by Robert Farago
mercedes slr mclaren not street legal in ga md mo va and wi

Forgive us for saying so (i.e. we would still appreciate a test drive), but the Mercedes SLR McLaren could well be the Maybach of exotic cars. We're not saying the $495k (base) roadster's design, price or marketing was inherently flawed, but it's well known that McLaren designer Gordon Murray was unhappy with the front-engined, mid-weight layout from the git-go, and bristled at having to accommodate so much GT-ness (i.e. weight). Curmudgeons were less than impressed with the SLR's brake-by-wire system and its inability to make it into the finals of "Dancing with the Supercars." And then Paris Hilton bought one. And was photographed in it. And drove it drunk. And was jailed for same. Anyway, WardsAuto brings us up-to-date with the ill-fated SLR, revealing that the model's twin exhausts mean it can't be registered in five U.S. states (?). We also learn that "Mercedes declines to say precisely how many of the super cars will be built at the McLaren factory in Woking, U.K. But Greg De Smith, a marketing specialist for the product, says it will be 'substantially fewer' than 500 units." The number reflects Mercedes realization that it will not hit its initial target of 500 SLRs per year for seven years. A blessing in disguise for collectors, or the world's fastest albatross?

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  • TomAnderson TomAnderson on Jan 02, 2008

    NickR: I resent that remark, as I am currently not (nor have I ever been) any of those things though, if you want to get into semantics, it kinda makes sense for dudes like us to be pantyless... RF: Loverman? SLR review? Um, yes please!

  • Landcrusher Landcrusher on Jan 02, 2008

    S, But it wouldn't be a big deal at all. Tire companies create more variety of tires than there could likely ever be regulations. The only problem comes when states start trying to favor local manufacturers. Interstate commerce prevents them from imposing their restrictions on non resident vehicles. So the reg would only be a pain in the butt to people in states who voted to be different. They have a right to do so. You likely are aware that it is almost always the object of local governments to restrict ALL aircraft when they start meddling. Either over noise issues or trying to control travel for various reasons related to either tax grabs, NIMBYism, favoritism, or ignorance. Car travel needs much less federal interference than air travel.

  • Casper00 Casper00 on Jan 03, 2008

    And I thought California has tought emission regulations....maybe in Ca rich people have the money to influence law makers to allow such car in the state.....people get pull over for having intake filters in their little hondas but something like this can roll freely....i will never understand all these rules and regulations.

  • Hessi Hessi on Jan 03, 2008

    Well, whoever drives an SLR, and where ever it is illegal to do so... you have to admit, it has the most astonishing sound of all supercars ever built. This Spitfire-like growl is just amazing!