LA Auto Show Report: Lincoln MKS

Alex L. Dykes
by Alex L. Dykes

Lincoln introduced their MKS "flagship" sedan based on the Five Hundred Taurus platform at the LA auto show today. A day late, two cylinders and at least 60 horses short and sporting a prow that would look more at home on a 4-8-2 Mountain Type Steam Locomotive, this Towncar replacement represents the status quo more than the Way Forward. Fit and finish is higher than the standard Ford fare but the beancounters in Dearborn are still well employed, making sure that not all the plastics are tactile rewards. We might excuse the ill-fitting exterior panels and parts installed backwards ( assist handles were not installed the same in the two cars shown, so one must be wrong) if this were a prototype instead of the cars they're using to strut their stuff. Unfortunately, though, it looks like business as usual in Detroit.

Alex L. Dykes
Alex L. Dykes

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  • Orian Orian on Nov 15, 2007

    Wow...they would have been light years ahead had they kept the LS platform and developed it instead of using the Taurus/Sable platform for this...thing. In its price range most of its competitors are rear wheel drive and offer much more. I wish them luck selling them without huge incentives.

  • Mud Mud on Nov 15, 2007

    Bring back the Vic ....

  • Umterp85 Umterp85 on Nov 15, 2007

    To SherbornSean: You may not like the current Lincolns (eg MKX and MKZ)but they are selling well. Lincoln sales have been increasing 13 months straight and +14% for the year. Granted it is off a small base--but progress is progress and they will move 140K+ units in 2007. I would also point out that recent Lincoln entries have achieved stellar quality rankings and the Lincoln dealership experience is consistently rated in the Top 5. Net---Lincoln is providing an alternative to those who cannot deal with Euro quality and don't want to be seen as a Lexus lemming. The MKX alone will sell between 35-40K units this year against a forecast of 30K. NOTE: the price point of the MKX typically equipped reaches the $40K threshold as well The MKX sales rate has come with little incentives other than some decent financing and lease rates. Some thought the MKX would bomb in the face of the Lexus RX, new Acura MDX, and Infiniti...let alone the Enclave and Caddy SRX. All I know is My 2007 MKX has been great. Blows the doors off my former POS X5 that knew my BMW dealer---ummm I mean center---all too well. As far as the MKS---I think it will be another solid entry for Lincoln and get them closer to being in the game. For those that think the only way they will move massive incentives----I point you to the MKX example above.

  • Sajeev Mehta Sajeev Mehta on Nov 15, 2007
    As far as the MKS—I think it will be another solid entry for Lincoln and get them closer to being in the game. For those that think the only way they will move massive incentives—-I point you to the MKX example above. No doubt the MKX is a surprise hit by Lincoln's lowered standards, but its pretty mediocre compared to the Lexus RX. I think a lot of the MKX's hit factor is the JFK-Continental grille (love it or leave it, and that works) and somewhat Lincoln-ish styling/luxury on a catchy CUV platform. The MKS sedan? A hybrid of lousy, un-American styling elements on an Acura RL worthy chassis. I wouldn't hold my breath on its success. The MKZ? Is it really doing well? I expect the MKS to follow the MKZ, even if its not badge-engineered.