Trouble in The OC: Douglas Nissan Raided for Identity Theft, Bad Loans

trouble in the oc douglas nissan raided for identity theft bad loans

The Orange County Register reports that dozens of investigators from the Orange police and the county DA’s office raided a local Nissan dealership on Monday. According to the report, Douglas Nissan stands accused of using stolen pay stubs, driver licenses and social security numbers to secure car loans. “There may have been thousands of fraudulent loans processed with the stolen identities of thousands of unsuspecting people," the Chief prosecutor explained at a press conference held in front of the dealership. "The vast majority of the victims were Hispanic." And behind him… it was business as usual. Even as officers carted away hundreds of boxes of lease documents, dealer jackets and loan applications, customers continued shopping. “The only thing going on here is a big sale," claimed a manager. Talk about dedication.

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  • Sherman Lin Sherman Lin on Jul 17, 2007

    Shades of Jerry Lundegaard and GMAC

  • Jchennav Jchennav on Jul 17, 2007

    Holy crap! The owner of this dealership is my next-door neighbor. I haven't seen anything unusual at their house this past weekend though.

  • Pb35 Pb35 on Jul 17, 2007

    More like shades of John McNamara and GMAC.

  • VLAD VLAD on Jul 17, 2007

    Or the fraud was committed by the "victims" and the cars are in Mexico now. I guess we would find out if it weren't in [s]the twilight zone[/s] CA. LOL.