By on March 27, 2010

With both Niedermeyers away, Friday’s heroes were Steven Lang and Cammy Corrigan. The two of them, sometimes at odds over matters of faith, saved TTAC from an otherwise assured traffic disaster, caused by the absence of our dear leaders. The two most read posts on Friday’s TTAC were Steven Lang’s review of the Kia Optima in first place, and Cammy Corrigan’s “Ask The Best And Brightest: Have A Favourite Car Ad” in a close second.

Who says there is justice in this world? Steven had to get, drive, and describe a Kia Optima. Hard work. Cammy only had to ask “what are your favourite adverts or advertising campaigns from the auto world?” And the nominations kept pouring in. At the time of this typing, there were 112 comments, most of them with a link to an ad, as required. Some incorrigibles posted without a link, shame on you, stand in the corner.

Not only were the ads posted, they were watched. Due to the work of our Canadian crack coders, we can see how many times someone clicks on a link. Data derived from the click-count are the key to the easiest to write category: “By Popular Vote.” And the winners are… (ranked from most clicked on down:) (Read More…)

Recent Comments

  • Re: Say Hello to Your New Moderators

    JimZ - They just plain sucked. I’ve seen teams suck before but they were the suckiest bunch of sucks that ever sucked.
  • Re: A Tale of Craigslist Wheels

    gtemnykh - Dang, I would have walked as soon as I saw the car! If an SSEI is what you were after, that’s a common enough car that simply waiting around a bit,...
  • Re: After Ford Calls it Quits In Indonesia, Dealers Tell Company to Pay Up

    Crash Team Racing - Ford is already has a presence in India for almost 30 years
  • Re: A Tale of Craigslist Wheels

    jerseydevil200 - agreed. 66 years for me.
  • Re: A Tale of Craigslist Wheels

    garuda - My friend had a Civic stolen and stripped in San Antonio. Police caught them red handed, parts and contents in the yard of the thief. Charged and convicted. 4 years...
  • Re: A Tale of Craigslist Wheels

    garuda - Unless you are in Oakland. http://www.nytimes.com/2016/06 /28/us/a-young-prostitute-poli ce-scandals-and-a-rocky-renais sance-in-oakland.html?&...
  • Re: A Tale of Craigslist Wheels

    garuda - Even worse. No need for a gun there. At worst, you were stolen a $1500 car, but with an ebay/paypal account and a phone number to take to the police. Or you can say no...
  • Re: PSA: Change Your Passwords

    celebrity208 - This. This is why my original account used a netzero.net email address. But then oh no, TTAC doesn’t believe that anyone with an obscure email address could...
  • Re: A Tale of Craigslist Wheels

    multicam - Holy crap! Pretty sure you could have saved about $320. $500 buys a lot of meth.
  • Re: Say Hello to Your New Moderators

    Paragon - Been reading/viewing this site for quite a number of years. And, on an almost daily basis. You may not know me, but I feel like I know most all of you as I have...

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