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By on October 4, 2012

The problem with the FR-S’ unrefined bumps, lumps and Trapezoid Homage to the 1977 Mercury Cougar now has a decent solution.  And what of this workaround?  It’s brutal. It’s borderline inexcusable.  But my goodness, it works…too bad I’m making you click to see it.  (Read More…)

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  • Re: My Sun Sets To Rise Again

    cornellier - All of my favourite podcasts are being ruined by the affected voices of people like Zoe Chace. 99% invisible, Radiolab, Guy Raz …. Kill it with fire.
  • Re: My Sun Sets To Rise Again

    Pch101 - (e). Or maybe True.
  • Re: My Sun Sets To Rise Again

    Pch101 - It doesn’t sound that complicated. -TTAC needs reviews -TTAC has decided that it needs a staffer to do the reviews -But writing reviews isn’t a full time job...
  • Re: No Fixed Abode: Walljobbed.

    danio3834 - You have a mechanic that’s telling you that you *don’t* need wallet flushes? Stick with that guy. I’m serious. “if you flush the transmission...
  • Re: My Sun Sets To Rise Again

    cpthaddock - So no to representation for non-drivers. The notion that there are plenty of people who use vehicles extensively without ever driving them escaped the corporate...
  • Re: My Sun Sets To Rise Again

    DeadWeight - You did a fantastic job, Cameron, and were calm & diplomatic under fire even when challenged/insulted by some for matters that I won’t specify, but were...
  • Re: No Fixed Abode: Walljobbed.

    HerrKaLeun - yeah, you always should check youtube. The Haynes manual says oil filter gets removed with a generic tool. Haynes also didn’t mention the splash shield being...
  • Re: No Fixed Abode: Walljobbed.

    JimC2 - FWIW, Haynes manuals are still decent and a lot of us B&B learned to wrench with them (they used to be better when only a few jobs were “best left to a...
  • Re: No Fixed Abode: Walljobbed.

    HerrKaLeun - not a walljob, just sloppy: Today I brought my Mazda 6 in for oil change to Dealer. they include some “inspection”. The good thing is, automatic...
  • Re: Junkyard Find: Rolls-Royce Silver Shadow

    MrMag - An update, the other day I came across a Porsche 924! And bizarrely, it was not totally stripped

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