By on July 15, 2014

cadillac-ats-v-coupe-spy-photo-01 has spied the all-new Cadillac ATS-V Coupe running the Nurburgring – and sporting a Michigan manufacturer tag.

Also spotted was a prototype CTS-V, which should indicate that Cadillac has not yet given up on the idea of beating the Germans on their own turf. As long as they can avoid a confusing re-brand at the hands of their new boss, they might have a fighting chance.

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16 Comments on “Cadillac ATS-V Coupe Spotted At The Ring...”

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    Athos Nobile

    And the engines are?

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    As long as they don’t put that stupid twin turbo V6 in them. Seriously you have access to some of the all around best V8s in the industry and someone actually made the decision to waste money on building a TTV6

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      I thought we had already determined that based on the packaging constraints of the platform, they could not fit a V8 in the front of it.

      I expect we’ll probably see the 3.6 turbo here, and in a slightly lighter car, it could be fun. All comes down to the tranny, really.

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        Isn’t this platform going to be used for the upcoming Camaro?
        They said the same thing about fitting a duramax in an H2, and that’s been done many a time now. I can’t take the packaging deal serious, that sounds code for “don’t ask us about it, we’d rather spend $300M to create a new engine with less HP than a V8 and only 1mpg better” (ala CTS-V)

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          Turbocharged direct injected DOHC V6 engines are just seen as very high tech compared to a naturally aspirated cam, in block 16 valve direct injected V8. Power and efficiency are secondary in the w-penis world of bench racing tech specs.

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            If you just add 3 more words to the V8, it would be seen at the more advanced to most people. Ignoring the fact that the V8 OHV flows much better than a V8 (D)OHC.
            Not to mention that a similar sized OHV gets better fuel economy than the (D)OHC equivilant.

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    It’s a safe-ish guess that the ATS-V gets a pumped-up version of the TT 3.6 V6 from the CTS VSport. Sorry.

    But the rumor mill can’t decide whether the CTS-V will get a TT version of the supposed new 4.5L DOHC V8 (this is the engine that is allegedly in the Elmiraj) or a lightly detuned/quieter version of the LS4 (from the 2015 Z06).

    I have no idea which to believe. But I stand by my guess that if there really is a DOHC 4.5 V8 coming for Cadillac, then somewhere in a basement in Warren there is surely a 6.0 V12 using the same architecture, and that’s the engine I want in my 2019 Elmiraj V.

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    Another car being thrown around the Nurburgerkingring — James May will be thrilled.

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      My first thought was that “James May will be saying ‘oh c0ck’ right about now.” My second thought was, no….James May will never drive a Cadillac.

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        He did though. CTS-V Coupe, in the US, and he liked it.

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          True, Sir. It is just that in the last 14 years they have featured Cadillac all of 3 times: the CTS when Art and Science was born, the CTS-V in the muscle car road trip, and they featured the Sixteen in “the news”.

          I’d be surprised if the ATS even hits their radar.

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    Hmm,Some guy, not sure where you get your info. re.the BMW V8 being unreliable but it seems like you’ve been told a load of bollocks .
    Both My E39 and E60 have the V8, they both run as smooth as silk with NO reliability issues.

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      Enjoy it while you can: – E39

      Perhaps the E60 fixed all of those issues.

      I know, I know “preventative maintenance” right? I used to drink that kool-aid too, then I got a reliable car.

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      The 4.4 in your e39 is a wonderful engine with the potential for catastrophic failure lurking in almost every subsystem. The engine series as a whole suffers in perception of early maintenance issues related to the Alusil, and the VANOS issues on the later versions lead to both clatter and smoke. Also, occasionally the chain guides just disintegrate. It certainly requires far more attention to maintenance than many other V8’s.

      The one in your E60 is fine, as long as your car is ’05 or newer (if not a little gutless for the specs.) The earlier ones had terrible reputations electronically, and the plastic around the engine was absolute shite for the first 2-3 years.

      And I don’t care which one you’re driving, any BMW V8 made after 97 has way too much shake and stutter at idle, at altitude. Smooth as silk my ass… :p

      But as for SomeGuy’s comment, it doesn’t matter if you could weld the hood shut on your Accord, or if you have to adjust the points every time you start your vintage British roadster – Preventative maintenance will make your ownership experience better (if not necessarily cheaper.)

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    Oh goodie, another sub model we’ll pretend is a standalone model and price at $90K. Can’t wait to see that depreciation curve.

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