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Though the 2015 Volkswagen Jetta bowing at the 2014 New York Auto Show may be refreshed, most of the work may just be too subtle to notice at first.

Updates to the outgoing model include LED running lights for daytime cruising, new tail and trunk lighting, revised rain gutters, and underbody shrouding.

Under the hood, three gasoline engines and one turbodiesel help move the Jetta along. The all new 2-liter TDI with a six-speed manual holds a combined 37 mpg while pushing 150 horses with 236 lb-ft of torque through the front wheels.

Inside, the biggest change is an upgrade in technology for the Jetta, including blind-spot monitoring, adaptive front lighting with Bi-Xenon headlamps, and rear cross-traffic alert. Other interior upgrades include new fabrics, air vent controls and ambient lighting.

The new Jetta will arrive in U.S. showrooms Q3 2014.

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22 Comments on “New York 2014: 2015 Volkswagen Jetta Live Shots...”

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    I really like what VW is doing to this, and the Golf, GTI, Golf R. That’s a beautiful steering wheel, and love the more liberal use of chrome and piano black, along with new inset gauges. Tart-up these low end models.

    You’ve drawn-in Joe 6pack through the original Americanized Jetta and Passat… that they’re customers, start making “true” VWs again.

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    The front still has that eastern European look and the instrument panel looks like a minor refresh of the Jetta IV. That was 15 years ago.

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    Simple and clean. But loaded if engine technology.

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    Why does VWOA hate amber rear turn signal?!?

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      The same reason everyone else does. Cost, and because us regs allow companies to get away with it.

      I’m with you i hate red turn signals!

      Though i can’t tell if this has them or not. The lights looks like there is a spot next the the reverse lights that could be the turns. Hard to tell if it contains a amber bulb.

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    30-mile fetch

    Like the piano black. Love the new steering wheel. Wondering if the upper doors are finally padded like they should be.

    Hate the me-too pointless-stupid-trendy-poorly-executed LEDs on the headlights.

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    Those headlights look awfully square! Quite demodé nowadays and maybe partly why I think it looks better than the current one. Glad they got rid of the pointy little things they had on the lower lip of the front bumper.

    I also wish they’d done a bit more to the back. I think slightly larger, and squarer, lights there would’ve been in improvement.

    I think German interiors in general, and this is no exception, are way too austere. Very basic shapes. At least they’re trying to add some color and the console is not like a wall.

    Overall, nice improvement.

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    It’s the same car

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    Nondescript V2.0, for those trying to hide in plain daylight, and the basis of anonymous everycar for artists employed in decorating Canadian Tire flyers advertising cheapo tires.

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    Kyree S. Williams

    You can expect pricing to be way out of proportion with the rest of the segment even though it really hasn’t got anything going for it other than the option of a turbodiesel. But I still like it…

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    Jeez that is some industrial strength bland they’ve got going on there.

    And I used to actually LIKE (and owned) VW’s.


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    These go for the price of an Accord, which has a stiffer chassis, uses higher strength steel, more interior space, and more POWERRRRR. NOPE!

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    It’s rather conservative looking. I suppose that will appeal to some.

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    I liked the pre-facelift Jetta better, mainly because of the front end. The previous model didn’t have such a tall grille, and the lower part of the VW emblem fit into a divot in the bumper, mirroring the way the upper part of the emblem fit into a divot in the hood. Now most of the emblem is lost/surrounded by black space.

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