By on April 3, 2013

If you live in the Greater Toronto Area and hate me despite having never met me in person, I am inviting you to come kick my ass – at karting.

In 2011, I competed in the Mosport International Karting Arrive and Drive Series, and this year I’ll be back at it again (after sitting out 2012 to spend my weekends with my then girlfriend).  The karting series held at Mosport is one of the best mosport bargains in North America. Registration is $149, while each race cost $60. For all that, you get a full season of karting (May-October) at one of North America’s great historic tracks.

The karts are brand new CRG chassis for 2013, with 6.5 horsepower 125cc 4-stroke Honda motors. Speeds top out at about 50 mph, which feels frighteningly fast without a seatbelt or any kind of protection from the elements. You will need a helmet and a karting suit to compete, and I highly recommend gloves if you don’t want to flay the skin off your palms.

I’ll be competing in the Sunday Afternoon group, and any TTAC readers are invited to come out and try and beat me. Be warned, I have been engaging in a fitness program to ensure success for this year – though it’s more Nigel Mansell than Michael Schumacher.

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18 Comments on “Shameless Plug: Come Kick My Ass On The Track...”

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    Gee, you are almost within my striking distance. I was all ready to come up and join you but then you mentioned how “in-shape” you are. I have a real aversion to getting my ass handed to me so I’ll beg-off…

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    Keep in mind the challenge would need equal kart weight with driver in it. I.e. a 220 lb 6’4″ driver can’t keep up with a 5’8″ 160lb driver even though they are of equal talent.

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      There is talk about a Nationally-recognized Spec series with combined Driver/Kart weight totals, but if you are over 6’2, you still get to endure yoga postures for 20 mins at a time.

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      I think it’s only fair that short guys win since taller guys tend to fare better in many other things.

      It was my own golden hour a few years back when my 6’1 220lb buddy who kicked my butt in autox-style Mazda event a few years prior, got his butt handed to him by my 5’7 160lb self on a kart track in Montreal. Of course the fastest guy was our close mutual friend who was 5’8 130lb.

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        I don’t bother to drive at the BMW Club kart outing any more. I need the tall & fat guy cart with two motors and a turbo to be anything more than a rolling roadblock. Fastest guy in the club is a skinny college kid who might weigh 110lbs soaking wet. Which means his power to weight ratio is nearly 3x mine.

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    90hp sled engine is better!


    Ever been to Goodwood? (Ontario)

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    My Son has raced Arrive & Drive for 5 years now. He’s a teen that races Sunday morning. It’s an awesome experience and FAR better than Goodwood mainly due to the track size (the folks at Goodwood are nice enough).

    Have fun, stay safe and out of Ken’s bad books :)

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    Freddy M

    Left foot braking in a Kart is infinitely more intuitive and do-able for me than left foot braking in a Car.

    Perhaps I just suck? Best of luck in the Season.

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    What if I don’t live near Toronto, but still like you without having met you?

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    Ahhh, 2 hour drive from here, too far. I do make it out to Mosport each year for the ALMS race weekend, though.

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    I get terrified on a motorbike at anything above 30 mph. I can’t imagine that on a go kart!

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    If you ever come down to Orlando let me know. I’ll be happy to take up your challenge here.

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    A buddy of mine does this with shifter karts down in Sarasota and I went out a few months ago on the full track in a TaG kart.

    HOLY KRAP! What a blast, absolutely the most fun I’ve had on four wheels since that time with my wife and her friends, when they did that thing…but I digress…..if I lived closer to a kart road course I’d be there all the time.

    Acceleration and cornering grip is just unreal from an adrenaline junky standpoint. Plus You can’t beat the value of kart racing and its accessible and just a ton of fun. Hell it’s even great doing an on-demand four wheel drift through the turns even if it is a slower way to get through.

    Highly recommend giving it a try if you haven’t.

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      Did a Bob Bondurant shifter kart course in Phoenix a few years back and I tell people the same thing: most fun I’ve had on four wheels. Unfortunately now my right knee won’t let me fold my 6’2″ frame into the yoga position required to drive a kart anymore without pain. You young guys: TRY IT before you get too brittle!

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    I only read the headlines and I haven’t broken somebody’s nose for ages and haven’t kicked ass since my army days… You sir have a deal, even if I do not understand why you feel no shame for the plug that I presume you want in the area of kicking.

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    pfft where was this challenge 2 weeks ago when I was in Toronto?

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