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GM China had a near-miss with Volkswagen this year. It scraped by being relegated into second place in China by reporting 26,128 units more than Volkswagen. VW’s 2.81 million cars sold in China were rounded, GM’s 2,836,128 were reported to the last unit.

GM China December 2012
Dec ’12 YoY 12 months YoY
GM China 242,486 23.2% 2,836,128 11.3%
Shanghai GM 110,135 41.7% 1,331,022 10.9%
Buick 59,586 700,007 8.4%
Chevrolet 45,703 626,846 5.3%
Cadillac 2,937 30,010 0.0%
SAIC-GM-Wuling 126,730 11.7% 1,445,203 12.4%
Wuling 117,613 1,334,895 11.8%
Baojun ? 84,467
FAW-GM 5,264 0.1% 55,609 -0.9%
Exports 77,207 61.0%
Black: GM data. Blue: Calculated from historical GM data

Strange: GM’s China numbers usually are reported quite early in the month, usually in the first week. Not this time. Volkswagen’s numbers were published on January 14, a Sunday. GM’s China numbers were published on the same Sunday.

This year, GM is unlikely to be as lucky as in 2012. Volkswagen’s growth in China is much stronger than GM’s. Volkswagen grew 24.5 percent in China last year, it grew 86.7 percent in December alone.  GM China grew 11.3 percent in 2012, and 23.2 percent in December.

GM published no percentage increase for Cadillac’s 2012 sales. We had to look it up. It is 0.0067 percent. GM sold exactly 2 Cadillacs more in China in 2012 than in 2011.

Quite interestingly, what is up strongly are GM’s exports from China. With 77,207 units (most of them Sails) exported,  GM increased its foreign sales of Made in China cars by 61 percent.

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4 Comments on “GM China Avoids Near Miss In China, Barely...”

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    Not one but two articles right next to each other about GM and VW in China and how VW is doing oh so well. Wasn`t once enough? Or is there a quota?
    I am just surprised you didn`t mentioned the “fraud” of counting Wuling sales (again).

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    NO…wait a second…you mean Cadillac “the new standard of the WORLD” is ALL marketing BU!!$H!T??? And VW/Audis “truth in German engineering” aint far behind!

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    sunridge place

    Cadillac will start to show VW like growth numbers in China very soon when they start building the XTS then the ATS there. They plan to go from 30,000 units a year to 100,000 units a year by 2016.

    Most of the Cadillac’s sold there now are imported (from Mexico) SRX’s with very, very high prices due to import fees.

    That sort of insight took me 20 seconds to type.

  • avatar

    Akerson needs to go and Girsky should have been gone long ago.

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