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Despite a tough situation at home, the Volkswagen Group continues to power ahead in the global markets.  Volkswagen increased its global sales by 14.6 percent in October. For the year, Volkswagen delivered 7.5 million units worldwide, up 10.2 percent. In China, Volkswagen is nipping at GM’s heels, but does not seem to be able to overtake the General.

Hold position in Europe, attack abroad. This seems to be the current strategy of Volkswagen. According to data released by the company today, Volkswagen sales were flat the EU, where losses in Western Europe were compensated in Germany and Eastern Europe.

Volkswagen global group deliveries October 2012
10M’12 10M’11 YoY Oct ’12 Oct ’11 YoY
Total 7,500,000 6,800,000 10.2% 788,700 688,000 14.6%
Europe 3,100,000 3,070,000 0.9% 300,000 300,000 0.0%
Ger 994,500 960,800 3.5% 104,600 96,400 8.5%
WEur ex D 1,570,000 1,670,000 -5.8% 140,000 150,000 -6.7%
EEur 534,600 441,500 21.1% 54,600 51,400 6.2%
China 2,260,000 1,890,000 19.6% 260,000 200,000 30.0%
USA 481,100 360,400 33.5% 49,500 38,500 28.6%
South Am 842,200 777,200 8.4% 89,700 76,200 17.7%
Black: VW data. Blue: TTAC calculated
Including Porsche from August 1,  2012. Excluding MAN and Scania

In China, Volkswagen is seen up 30 percent in October, not to our surprise. Already going strong  in the Middle Kingdom, Volkswagen profited from the misfortune of Japanese brands.  However, Volkswagen did not manage to overtake GM in unit sales in China. Year to date, GM is looking at 2.33 million units sold in China (including 1.2 million Wulings…) vs. 2.26 million at Volkswagen.  No new GM numbers are expected until the 4th quarter results, but it does not look like Volkswagen will be able to edge by GM on a global basis either.

Note: Volkswagen does only publish year-to-date, but no monthly data. Monthly data are calculated and subject to rounding errors.

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