By on September 12, 2012

Remember the awesome C30 Polestar concept that packed all-wheel drive and 405-horsepower into the C30 packaging? Yeah, that’s not happening. But we do get a consolation prize.

Instead, we are getting the C30 Polestar Limited Edition. It’s got all the Polestar dress-up parts and unique paint, while an ECU reflash gives a modest bump in power; 250 horsepower and 273 lb-ft versus the stock output of 227 horsepower and 236 lb-ft. Quicker steering, monotube shocks and stiffer springs round out the package that could best be described as “the Focus ST we never got” rather than a full-on manifestation of the C30 Polestar concept.

The downside? It’s a bit pricey. You’ll have to fork over $32,445, and for that price, you can get a Golf R.

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38 Comments on “Volvo Brings 250 C30 Polestars To North America...”

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    You can already buy a Focus ST in the US, and it has 252 hp/270 tq and starts at $25k. You could also buy a Golf R if you want to overpay for an extremely decontented car. Just keep telling yourself how German it is to gloss over the fact that it is the worst performance bargain money can buy.

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    I understand that its a good chunk of change for a hatch… but to me, anything that Volvo does to try to enhance its image beyond the “R-design” appearence schemes is a bonus. They’re a grossly understated brand that needs to show off what they’re capable of more frequently.

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      The problem is that this is nothing more than a designer series (is the Givenchy edition next?). They need to have a real performance line if they are tying the branding to a performance name.

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    Unless Fangio himself wins the Monaco GP in one of these, they’re going to sell all of a dozen worldwide.

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    At best, “Polestar” conjures up the image of a wet T-shirt contestant.

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    I really like the C30 exterior and interior. And I really like this color. But the pricing is beyond comedic. This is still a tarted up previous generation Ford Focus. From a company now owned by Geely. I do keep an eye out for deals on C30s because I do really like the looks.

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      I’m not sure it’s really fair to call it a “tarted up” Focus, as it’s built on the Volvo P1 platform, and has a Volvo white block motor.

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      Yep pricing on C30 is silly no matter what trim you purchase. That’s the main reason I got a used one for the wife. The car is super rare, Volvo only sells like 300 new a month. Thus in the used arena you’ve got to keep your eyes peeled. When when found the wife’s ’08 Cosmic White 2.0 model there were a grand total of THREE with 6 speed manuals for sale in Florida. From the factory they came in a wide range or colors and options as Volvo meant this vehicle to compete with the Mini. Its a great grocery getter type car… the wife LOVES hers. Quick enough to be fun to drive but the suspension tuning makes for a comfortable ride. The interior is a thing of beauty and the exterior is unique. Gas mileage isn’t great however, the wife gets about 22 mpg around town.

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        MRF 95 T-Bird

        I see a few around but far more Mini’s, A3’s and GTI’s. You figure they would sell more of them with their retro 1800ES styling and legendary Volvo safety and dependability. Must be the price $28-32k

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        Seeing folks compare this to a Focus ST or Subaru STI are missing the point of this car. JMII nailed it:

        “Quick enough to be fun to drive but the suspension tuning makes for a comfortable ride. The interior is a thing of beauty and the exterior is unique.”

        It’s stylish, quick, unique design, and good lord the seats are comfortable. This version is getting a bump in power, new wheels, paint that isn’t silver or black, you can get it loaded with a manual, and they’re actually bringing it to America. Yet the B&B complains. . .

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        Paul W

        “Quick enough to be fun to drive but the suspension tuning makes for a comfortable ride.”

        Funny that, because the suspension is one of the areas where the Focus is considered far superior (the general consensus is that Volvo took the Focus and made it slightly worse but much more expensive when they came up with the C30).

        I think you’ve got a bit of a crush going on on that C30 too, the way you can’t help mentioning it every now and then. This must be like the 27th time you bring it up!

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      It competes more with the Audi A3 in my mind. At least that’s what I thought when I drove it in 2008.

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      I didn’t even realize they still sell the C30.

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    Anytime I see polestar all I can think is hooker olympics.

    Ya I get it, polestar, pole position, number one, fastest, bestest, blah blah blah. But for 98% of America “polestar” is going to be mean something completely different.

    It’s a terrible brand.

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    You can buy the ECU re-flash from any Volvo dealer by itself. I believe it works on any of the 5 cylinder turbo C30s.

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    And ‘Polestar’, a.k.a. North Star, reinforces the idea that it’s from the land of Sveeeeden even if it is from a Chinese company…

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      Oh yes, totally, it’s not like the company was founded in the pre-ford era and changed its name to polestar five years before Geely entered the stage, and it’s not like polestar is based in Sweden or anything.
      No totally just a scam to fool people that they’re buying European.

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    el scotto

    FWIW the Polestar upgrade is a $1295.00 option on the C-30. I like the looks of the C-30 and one will probably be my next ride.

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    $32K is STI money. I’d much rather have an STi which is better in everything than this.

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      Yes especially interior refinement, fit and finish and not to mention the totally unbland design or the superb ride quality, all areas where the STI is obviously superior.

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        I see your concerns about fit and finish (Subaru is average indeed). But unbland design and Volvo? You must be joking. The C30 has been around for a while just like STI and it is no less bland even with that silly ground effect package.

        On the other hand, these cars are about performance. Otherwise, one would be buying a regular C30. And when it comes to performance this car is nowhere near STI. In fact, it’ll be outgunned even by a regular WRX with an ECU reflash.

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        Actually I finds the C30 to look a bit bland, the front looks like a plain Audi while the back looks like a toilet.

        With an STI you get a real performance car with 4wd rather than 250hp to the front in a fancy Focus.

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    Re Synchromesh: Exterior appearance and interior appearance, ergornomics and material quality are not categories of everything?

    I would say that the better turbo coupe alternative to this is the Hyundai Genesis Coupe 2.0 turbo, which is like $7K less, and Baruth was a big fan of. But some people will say they need a hatch.

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    the c30 is the nicest looking hatch out there imo….and this will only help. It might not be the best value out there, but I’d pay a couple extra K for the privilege.

    Honestly, if we didn’t just buy a v50 not that long ago, I would really consider ponying up for one of these. That is if it comes in a Manual.

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    What’s the word I am lookin for here…lame?

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    It’s pretty, it’s quick, and I’m undeniably a Volvo guy… but I’m not convinced of the value.

    No matter. Like most commenters here, I’ll be keeping an eye out for a used one in several years, anyway.

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    As someone of Scandahoovian and German decent (albeit three generations removed), the Polestar Volvo has appealed to me since its inception.

    But, since us in NA will never enjoy such (unless those who have the means can import it), i’ll call ‘bullshit’ on this one.

    Give us ‘fully leaded’ or don’t bother. These will sit on the lots for a while, i’m afraid.

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    I’m sorry, but I liked Volvo better when their cars were just bricks instead of slightly de-tuned Fords.

    These days are they supposed to be a luxury brand or a performance brand?

    I’m not interested unless if they can still hit 900k miles under good maintenance, have silly strong body panels, and can be fixed by a drunken monkey.

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