By on June 24, 2012

Volvo is looking to establish a North American manufacturing foothold, but rather than doing it themselves, they’re looking to collaborate with another automaker – and Fiat is high on their list.

According to Bloomberg, Volvo CEO Stefan Jacoby is looking to get something going in the next five years, and is already in talks with a “couple” automakers. Jacoby did admit that Fiat was a company that he’d be interested in doing business with.

“Fiat is obviously one of the alternatives,” Jacoby said. “If you speak to Marchionne, just tell him to call me.”

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9 Comments on “Volvo To Marchionne: “Call Me, Maybe”...”

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    what happened to Volvo’s late Canadian unit in Halifax?

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      NAFTA, after that, my guess is warehousing.

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      Closed in late 1998. The site became a local office for Cape Breton University for a while, and now it’s a warehouse or something. Drive past it every week but nothing stands out enough to remember. Do know a few folk who worked there. One guy went the full 35 years the operation ran and got his pension

      Looks as though the Chinese owners of Volvo need to talk to Marchionne and vice-versa. If they each wait for the other to make a move, the 5 years will be up before they know it.

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    The problem of too much capacity seems to be working itself out (at least in this case). I guess the sky is not falling after all.

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    Yet, asked by a reporter if Fiat had talked with Sweden’s Volvo, now owned by China’s Geely, Marchionne said no – “but give them my phone number…We’re talking to anyone.”

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    I was wondering if maybe there wasn’t a better North American connection for Volvo (and now that I think about it, Mazda). Maybe they should collaborate with…Ford?

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    Hahaha i love the title/video posted. Very fitting of the situation.

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    el scotto

    Abarth/SRT8/Polestar versions of everything they’d make?

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    Ironic if Volvo and Fiat were to cooperate – Fiat tried to buy Volvo Cars in the 90s and had all the financing lined up but were rebuked and Ford ended up buying it instead. Fiat used the M&A money they had raised to create Case New Holland, and now Sergio is trying to merge that company with the recently spun-out Fiat Industrial…

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