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Unlike other car companies that perfected the slow reveal to a tantalizing and sometimes agonizing strip-tease, Infiniti had sworn to keep its EMERG-E study fully clothed until it bares all at the upcoming Geneva Auto Salon. This plan was toast on Saturday night when pictures  purloined from an official Infiniti press kit appeared “on the Internet,”  as Carscoop claims.

“Don’t ask me how” those pictures got out, sighs Yokohama-based Infiniti spokesperson Nathalie Greve. Ok, we won’t. People at Infiniti say that they will stick to the plan and will not release details of the mid-engined, range extended supercar study until the wraps come off officially in Geneva.

The pictures look like 3D renderings, but they actually are real thing photographs, albeit heavily retouched. The car bulges with muscle and has some of the most erotic air intakes I have seen. I’ll buy it if Infiniti ever sells it.

Detail shots like these could cause air intakes of a different kind …

Based on the fact “that its steering wheel resides on the right,” Car and Driver has ”a suspicion this car has been built in collaboration with Lotus.”  Well, duh, cars in Japan tend to have the steering wheel on the right.

However, C&D might unwittingly be on to something. According to Saturday-night gossip in Yokohama waterfront watering holes, the car is the fruit of a contract which the British Technology Strategy Board had awarded in 2010 to a consortium of companies. The program was called REEVolution, as in premium segment “range extended electric vehicles.”

The consortium partners  were Jaguar Land Rover, Lotus Engineering, Nissan Motor Co. Ltd, THINK, Axeon, EVO Electric and Xtrac.

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13 Comments on “Erotic EMERG-E Pictures Stolen...”

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    Nice looking car.

    Hmm, would you buy it if it were electric, Bertel?


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    As I was looking at the initial pictures, I was like, yeah that’s a pretty car, then I saw the close up of the headlight and I was like, “oh my…” That should probably be labled NSFW. I hope I don’t get an email from our IT department…

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    “Well, duh, cars in Japan tend to have the steering wheel on the right.”

    This is a car being shown in Switzerland by a company nominally headquartered in Hong Kong. Albeit, HK, unlike the mainland, does drive on the wrong side of the road, like Japan.

    I loved the design of the first generation G35 sedan, and owned a 6MT version. But I hate the current Infiniti designs. Especially the increasingly puckered grilles.

    It is disingenuous for Infiniti to be showing a mid-engine sports car when, on the volume models, Infiniti is moving to transverse engine/FWD. I guess Infiniti is trying to copy off of Acura’s lineup.

    Bertel – how great is it to Google “stolen erotic pictures” and end up with material for TTAC?

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    That rear glass reminds me of a Chrysler Crossfire I was behind yesterday.

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    Sorry, NSX has my money.

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    Step 1: take photos of R8 and scan into Photochop and blend it with whatever alphanumeric gibberish Ferrari is selling as their entry level model.
    Step 2: replace bland weird Teutonic and Italian styling cues with bland weird Japanese Infiniti/Nissan corporate styling cues. Say it’s all aerodynamic as to why it looks so garish.
    Step 3: repeat steps 1-2 for new NSX

    There is no profit. You need your head examined to pay money for this car.

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    Um reminds me of the Saab PhoeniX show car.

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    …all that crap I recently talked about Infiniti’s designers being astygmatic, inbred sh**boxes,…


    -take THAT Jaguar CX-75!

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    These are the types of cars that need to be produced to increase the traction of hybrids. Hybrid technology in economy cars makes zero sense. It’s too expensive and makes a $20k car into a $28k car.

    Exotics can easy absorb the cost of batteries and such. The technology can then filter down into the more plebeian cars once the technology advances. Imagine what would happen if there was a fuel economy war between Ferrari and Porsche. Doesn’t make sense at first, but if it were to become fashionable…

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