By on September 11, 2011

Shanghai women are famous (at least in China) for their domineering attitude. The common line is that once they snatch a man, the man has to “carry her handbag and wash her panties.”

Now watch what happens when a tow truck snatches a car that already has the boot on it – when the car is owned by a Shanghai woman.

(Hat tip to Ika.)

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8 Comments on “Look What Happens When A Shanghai Woman Gets Hitched...”

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    That looks staged to me.

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    You’d never leave the drive wheels down, especially on a locked car and he clearly had access to the front so I also have to call BS. Then not setting the parking brake on the rig? Come on.

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      Except there’s a boot on one of the rear wheels. It wouldn’t surprise me that the boots are not installed by the same people who drive the tow trucks, so the tow driver couldn’t remove the boot. That being said, would you boot a car in a traffic lane? So this is suspect, which is too bad because face it, we all WANT it to be authentic, if only because we want to imagine doing it ourselves!

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    Yeah, I thought you’d always lift the drive wheels, to avoid damaging the transmission? What if the SUV was on Park? The tow truck driver would’ve had problems right there, even without the Shanghai girl.

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    Sam P

    Staged. Here’s another video in the same vein.

    See also:

    “According to Youku Buzz, this took place in a Buick 4S showroom in Shanghai and this was indeed a viral video for Buick produced by some Youku users in Shanghai. The Shanghai Morning Post has also reported on the video (in Chinese).”

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    she is lucky because his car is 4 motion

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    Old and widely known as staged. Excellent journalism worthy of an award in the author’s namesake.

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