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With the AMC Eagle being such a historically significant car, let’s hope at least a few of them survive the next decade. We saw this brown ’85 Eagle wagon last week, and this black ’84 wagon will join it in a Fujian steel plant soon enough.

If AMC had been able to scrape up more than $1.42 in the Eagle’s styling budget and made the car look less like a jacked-up Concord and more like something that didn’t hurt the eyes quite so much… well, things might have been different. However, you could apply that statement to just about the entire AMC product line by the mid-1970s.

As it was, the hit-by-ugly-stick Eagle was highly competent in the snow and mud and reasonably civilized on the street. The AMC six installed in most Eagles was quite reliable (if you overlooked the maddeningly flaky Carter carburetors), though the GM Iron Duke versions managed to combine blender-full-O-roofing-nails noise with donkey-trudging-through-quicksand slowness.

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7 Comments on “Junkyard Find: Parade of Doomed Eagles Continues...”

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    Hey, now, the Eagle SX/4 wasn’t that ugly. (Which is probably why it’s harder to find in a junkyard than the wagon).

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    I don’t think the AMC Eagles, whether sedans or wagons were ugly at all – rather attractive compared to some of the other OEM smaller cars then on the road. I’ve said this before, but these AMCs were the Sherman tanks of the day. Built strong as all get-out, plastic dashboards notwithstanding. My old friend’s 1980 J-10 truck had 1/16″ thick rocker panel steel! The rest of the truck rusted away, but those panels were intact and he repaired and welded around them! Still drives it, too – although he converted it to a flat-bed years ago.

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    These were no uglier than the odd ball looking Toyotas and Hondas of the day.

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    And the use of recycled peach cans as seen atop the fender in the engine bay makes the “green” aspect of my cootnes joyfully jump.

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    MRF 95 T-Bird

    Looks like someone snagged those unique to AMC door handles. I always thought they were cool very unique and ahead of their time. AMC might have used other mfg parts bin stuff Mopar Torqueflight, GM Saginaw etc. but at least they wer original with the door handle

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    I too, think the Eagle wasn’t a bad looking car at all. It was dated even by early 1980s standards, but still handsome in a rugged sort of way. It was unique, something that can’t be said for a lot of other cars from that era.

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