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What can you do with a $20 bill these days? Lunch with a friend? Movie tickets? Perhaps a newfound garden weasel that is being sold on national TV. If you’re cheap enough, you can actually take care of your car’s routine maintenance for quite a long time. Thanks to the consumerist Christmas known as Black Friday the season to be cheap is upon us. For instance…

Pep Boys are the absolute kings of Black Friday. Last year they offered 5 quarts of API SM motor oil AND a store brand filter for $5. This time they are offering Purolator Classics, Castrol GTX, and selling the same exact package for $1 more (Limit two). If you happen drive 10k to 15k a year this may be all the oil you’ll ever need for 2011.

What about coolant? How about $1 a gallon. You can buy two of those as well. Champion spark plugs are free with the rebate and you get 16 of those. Prostop brakes which often run at $50+ for the premiums set are only $10.99. Last year I bought all the above for both our cars along with a 10 x 20 Canopy for $49 which seems to be holding up pretty well. For the Best & Brightest who are already DIY folk, you may indeed be able to keep your commuter car going for the price of lunch.

This is my short list of other good deals below or click here for a more extensive list. You also have a variety of tire deals, Amazon, Walmart, and the usual discount codes at Advance Auto Parts (up to 40% off)

Ace Hardware:

12 Volt Tire Inflator $7.99

Best Buy:

Pioneer – 50W x 4 MOSFET Apple® iPod®-Ready CD Deck with Detachable Faceplate $79.99

(Wal-mart or Amazon may have this one cheaper).


DieHard 10/2A Battery Charger at Kmart $22.99

(This one is an automatic charger.)


Plus Start Automotive Batteries – $49.98 (1 yr. replacement / 5 yr. Pro-rated)


Spectrum (same as SuperTech) Motor Oil – $1.39


Truck Box – $98


12′ 10-Gauge Booster Cable – $3.99

2 Pack 8′ Ratcheting Tiedowns – $3.99

2 Ton Jack & Jack Stands – $24.99

75 Watt Inverter – $5.88

Seat Cover – $9.99


GM Performance Parts 2-ton Jack with Stands and Creeper – $49.99

WeatherHandler 44pc Auto Safety Kit – $9.97

True Value:

300W Jump Starter – $19.97

4-Pc. Auto Floor Mats – $4.97

An other ideas?

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10 Comments on “Hammer Time: Black Friday 2010...”

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    Sammy Hagar

    Pep Boys “real deal”:

    $16 for the Purolator/GTX special, then a $10 rebate (which you’ll see in several weeks). Also, this only applies to Premium Plus filters that are $4.99 or less; filters over that, you pay the difference. The Peak deal? $6 at the register (not bad), then another $5 off via rebate. As PB doesn’t exist out here, it’s all moot anyway.


    There are quite a few promotional codes available right now at Advanced (buy online, pick up in store). Here’s a link to BITOG w/the assorted codes:

    [url=]Advanced Check Out Discount Codes[/url]

    I haven’t used them, as we don’t have AA either (but you can have stuff shipped to your home). Some guys are scoring Pure One filters, 5 for $15. That’s a steal…

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      Steven Lang

      Unfortunately, you can’t use AAP coupons for motor oil. I do use the codes constantly throughout the month and about half the time I have to send the stuff back because it’s the wrong part.
      The last time I requested plugs, wires, distributor cap and rotor for a 1992 Toyota Previa… and ended up with the perfect tune-up kit for a 1968 Chevy Camaro.

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    Pep Boys also has the same jumper pack as True Value for $12.98 after rebate.  I was about to replace the battery in my old pack, but I think this would be cheaper.  Then I got to thinking about how often I actually use the pack, and now I’m in a debate with myself over whether I really need it at all.

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      Hmmm, I’m with you there. There was a time when my jumper cables, and my battery terminal puller, spreader, and buffer were paying their way more than any other tool I owned, but when I didn’t close the door tight on the RX7 last March and then didn’t take it out for a month, I realized that I was using thesetools for the first time in four or five years.

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    Add the change in your seat cushions to that $20 bill and Amazon has an OBD II code puller (Autel brand) for $21.77

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    You can’t beat the deals below. Order it online and pick it up at the store. You all can thank me later :)

    Advance Auto Parts offers several coupons, as listed below. They’re among the strongest discounts from Advance Auto Parts this year. Shipping starts around $3, or spend $75 or more (after coupon) to qualify for free shipping. (Free in-store pickup is also available.) Sales tax is added where applicable. Note that motor oil is excluded. The coupons (which do not stack):

    20% off sitewide no minimum via code “P20”
    $5 off orders of $15 or more via code “BIG5”
    $10 off orders of $30 or more via code “A123”
    $16 off orders of $40 or more via code “LC123”
    $20 off orders of $50 or more via code “A123”
    $24 off orders of $60 or more via code “LC123”
    $30 off orders of $75 or more via code “BIG30”
    $32 off orders of $80 or more via code “LC123”
    $35 off orders of $85 or more via code “BIG35”
    $40 off orders of $100 or more via code “LC123”
    $50 off orders of $200 or more via code “BIG50”

    P.S. You can use these anytime, not just Friday.

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    mr. lang you realize today is Boris Karloff’s birthday???  That’s a mighty large coinky dinky!  

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    $79 iPod ready CD decks are not news. You can have them before and after the Black Friday week. They’re a good value, as long as you don’t care about the quality of the sound. Most don’t have a full set of preamp output connectors and the built in amp is crap. Do not believe the numbers. That’s peak watt output. This means that it will sound like crap when connected to 50 watt speakers. This particular Pioneer outputs about 14 Watts RMS power (continuous), which is actually lower than JVCs 20 watts for example at the same price.  So, its sound good enough for a radio talk show, or some music, but only but a very moderate volume level.. A unit with a full set of preamp connectors will cost closer to $150, and still have a crap amplifier though, but at least you have the connectors to connect a good amp.

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    I’m still waiting for a ScanGuage to go on sale somewhere. Haven’t found one for less than $150.

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