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GM China has made good on its threat to sell Made in China GMs abroad. According to The Nikkei [sub], Shanghai General Motors Co. has begun exporting the Chevrolet New Sail from China to Chile. Some of the B&B opined that this is nothing new. However, the Nikkei says that “this is the first time a world-class automaker will export from China a model it developed in the country.” A few weeks ago, Terry Johnsson, Shanghai GM vice president of vehicle sales, service and marketing, said that this is “the first locally developed and manufactured passenger car from an international brand to be exported.”

The Sail was launched in China in January, where it goes for around $8500. It’s pitted against low cost Chinese entries, such as the QQ. It is selling quite well. 82,089 units had changed hands as of September.

Export-wise, this is just the beginning. Shanghai GM plans to export small passenger cars to other Latin American markets as well as the Middle East and North Africa. Cue the comments about Chicoms, slave labor, and exploitative work practices. But send them to the company that is owned by 2 governments and the UAW.

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5 Comments on “China Is Cranking Up Car Export Machine. Courtesy Of GM...”

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    And the surprise is, what? Anyone with half a brain realizes that the Chinese are going to be exporting cars eventually. If there’s any surprise, its how incompetent they’ve been about the process so far. The safe, conservative route would be to start with a known brand name, then bring on the native marques once its been established that you’re not riding in an automatic suicide machine.

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    If only the radios’ audio output was in something other than Mandarin!!!!
    Give us the Wu, the Cantonese or even the Min dialect!!!!!!!!!!!
    Anything but the same old Mandarin!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Rock and roll sounds so screechy in Mandarin.

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    The Sail has already arrived to the Chilean market, i had the chance to inspect one last month in the Salon del Automovil de Santiago(Local motor show). Even taking the price into account (Aprox US$ 9.000.- + VAT) i must say i was particulary unimpressed by what i saw

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    GM isn’t the only multinational company that has plans to use China and India as export hubs to developing markets in Asia and Latin America. Renault and Suzuki are using India the same way that GM is using China.

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    SVX pearlie

    If this helps GM stay solvent and profitable, more power to them!

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