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Back in 1937, who could have predicted Toyota would replace GM as the world’s largest automaker? Does that make Toyota the new GM? Perhaps. Meanwhile, after today’s sales stats, I reckon Hyundai is the new Ford. GM’s the new Hyundai. Lexus is the new Buick. Scion is the new Pontiac. Your suggestions below.

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47 Comments on “Ask the Best and Brightest: Who’s on First?...”

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    Hyundai, followed by Ford, are the car companies that will do the best and grow the most in North America in the next 5-10 years.

    Toyota, Honda, and Nissan are trading water,

    GM is going to sink. Not Chapter 7, probably, but their days as the #1 automaker in North America are finished for good. In 5 years time or less they will be lucky to be #3 or #4 in this market.

    Chrysler is honestly a total, complete wild card. Anything could happen.

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    I’m going with VW as the new GM. GM is the new Chrysler. Chrysler is the new Rover. Subaru is the new Jeep. Hyundai is the new Ford. Toyota is the new GE.

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    Hyundai is the new Toyota.
    Toyota is the new GM.
    Chrysler/Dodge/Jeep is the new AMC.
    Ford is the new Chrysler.
    Honda is the new Nissan.
    Nissan is the new Ford.
    VW is the new Honda.
    Subaru is the new VW.

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    Chrysler is the new Yugo.


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    Oh sure, that was all so very easy. It just scratches the surface.

    Peugoet is the new Packard.

    Lada is the new DeSoto.

    Skoda is the new Hupmobile.

    Michael Schumacher is the new Felipe Massa.

    Tata is the new Yugo, only slower.

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    TTAC is the new Car and Driver
    Car and Driver is the new Motor Trend
    Motor trend is the new automotive supplement
    Road and Track is the new Ambien

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    Hyundai is the new Toyota. Definitely. In expansion. In that phase where they’re dabbling with “exciting” cars and “premium” cars, though you know they’re going to eventually stick with bread-and-butter stuff.

    Honda is Honda is Honda. They’ve always done things their own way, making cars the way they think they should be made, whether the market agrees or not. Even though the market is forcing them to build bigger and bigger cars, they slot in new small cars that do just as good a job as the iconic forebearers of their growing models. The Fit is the new Civic… the Civic is the new Accord… etcetera…

    Toyota may become the new GM. That said, I don’t see it happening that easily, but in recent years, they’ve already traded off quality and brand-name equity for massive sales… something that’s come back to bite them in these hard times.

    GM is a dead man walking.

    Chrysler IS AMC. They just don’t know it yet.

    Ford… well… if Ford can continue the way it does, it might just become Honda. Do the right thing, even if it’s not the best-selling thing, and you’ll carve out a stable niche for yourself in the market.

    Nissan could become the new Chrysler. One great supercar (GT-R versus Viper), some exciting models, but their bread-and-butter cars will start dragging them down into the doldrums.

    VW could be another new Toyota. The quality may not be there, but the technology and business sense is.

    And Tata is the new VW. Just you wait and see.

    We’ll start seeing Nano Cup races, where Tata Nanos are stripped of their bodies completely, left as little more than rollcages on wheels with an engine in the back. We’ll see Nano beach-buggies… Nano-peacenik-vans with tendrils of scented, aromatic smoke curling out of the rear windows…

    And wham… twenty years later, Tata will be building luxury cars for the Indian populace and the export Chinese market, buying out obscure old supercar nameplates and building 2000 hp hybrid-electric monsters, while factories in the US of A will continue stamping out the obsolete Nano for third world markets like Canada, California and the UK.

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    Patrick Bedard is the new Wilfred Brimley

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    Mahindra pickup trucks are the new Datsun pickup trucks

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    Mazda is the new VW
    Subaru is the new Volvo
    Infiniti is the new BMW
    Lexus is the new Mercedes

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    This one’s such a no-brainer, I’m surprised nobody said it yet: Nissan is the new Pontiac.

    In fact, it’s not even new. It’s been that way since… oh, about since the time Pontiac stopped being the old Pontiac.

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    Lotus is the new Lotus.

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    GM is the new Chrysler,
    Chrysler is the new AMC.

    Ford killed Volvo and Mazda, ate their brains and became smarter.

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    America, with a middle class that is shrinking by the week, is becoming fertile ground for spiking sales of Hyundai Accents, Elantras and Sonatas (and their Kia twins).

    Hyundai is the new Nissoyta.
    Volkswagen is the new (trade down nation) BMW.
    Audi is the new (trade down nation) Mercedes.
    Mercedes is the new Jaguar.
    GM is the old GM.
    Chrysler is the new Kia.
    Ford is the new Honyndaibishi.
    Nissan is the new Toyota.
    Toyota is the new Ford.
    Honda remains Honda but with 30% fewer sales per annum.
    Suzuki/Mitsubish/Isuzu are the new Sean Penn in ‘Dead Man Walking.’

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    Chrysler is the new Luftschiffbau Zeppelin GmbH.

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    John Horner

    Worldwide, the long term top tier players seem to be:

    Toyota, VW & Ford

    Second Tier Players:
    Honda, Hyundai/Kia & Nissan/Renault

    Third tier:
    Everyone else

    Potential spoilers:
    The Chinese and Indians, thought the Indian look set up to be at best niche marketers.

    Consolidation and/or liquidation amongst the second and third tiers seems inevitable.

    GM gets my vote for the world’s most screwed up automotive company. Mitsubishi gets an honorable mention in that category, but has nowhere near the scale of GM.

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    “TTAC is the new Car and Driver
    Car and Driver is the new Motor Trend”

    …eBay is the new Hemming’s?

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    Toyota is on top.

    If they’re still King in 10 years, they’re better than GM ever was in its heyday.

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    Pontiac is the new Plymouth
    Tata is the new VW
    Hyundai is the new Toyota
    Packard is the new Peerless

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    Ford and GM will continue to be the number 1 automakers in America.

    Toyota will continue to be the world’s largest maker, but, their vehicles will still be avoided by people who only buy American and don’t want any profit at all going to Japan.

    GM will NEVER BE HYUNDAI. Hyundai’s cars are cheap and only imitate better cars. Hyundai will never be taken seriously by people with over $30,000 to spend. Good try with the Genesis, but I’ll take a Lexus before I sink to that level.

    Ford will be the best American automaker and Chrysler will fade from the earth.

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    “GM will NEVER BE HYUNDAI. Hyundai’s cars are cheap and only imitate better cars. Hyundai will never be taken seriously by people with over $30,000 to spend. Good try with the Genesis, but I’ll take a Lexus before I sink to that level.”

    We once said the same things about Toyota.

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    7.Chry co/Fiat

    I break my list up like this
    Toyota is huge but WTF is a scion the Tc was good need update. i like Subaru
    VW- HUGE alot of sales everywhere.
    FORD- needs to cut the fat ie. mercury and Lincoln and ridiculous models line ups ie Taurus and Fusion pick one and make a in between size. or to many crossovers, they cold learn alot in product planning from old toyota. they always have the F150. their 3rd place is contingent on them “coming to jesus”
    HYUNDAI- is contingent a continued global growth of sales and i like the fact someone finally made an affordable rwd coupe that isn’t a throwback
    Nissan/Renault-if they stay solid they don’t impress but they don’t offend. they have a nice balance if only they could style better
    Honda is great except for Acura I can’t tell the difference between a TL and RL except for price and they are all happy snowplow looking
    FIAT/ CHRY CO- higher then GM only if fiat keeps the afloat in Europe or somehow fiat actually can improve their portfolio only time will tell.
    GM is NSFWed, they are like a cancer patient, just more tumor then patient. they only need two brands Chevy and Cadalliac and they have NSFW car line up also. ….. i like less then hate i like cts, camero, gmc trucks, malibu , one of the lambdas.. and they money they blowing on the volt holy NSFW.
    I left out Mercedes and BMW because i don’t know enough about them to predict. they both have a semi bloated line up and are not volume producer but seem profitable enough

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    Acura is the new Audi.
    Aston Martin is the new Porsche.
    Audi is the new BMW.
    Bentley is the new Rolls Royce.
    BMW is the new Acura.
    Buick is the new Cadillac.
    Chevrolet is the new Daewoo (literally).
    Chrysler is the new *name of company killed by GD*
    Dodge is the new Fiat.
    Ford is the new Nissan.
    Hyundai is the new Ford.
    Jaguar is the new Mercedes.
    Lexus is the new Buick.
    Lincoln is the new Lexus.
    Maserati is the new Jaguar.
    Mazda is the new VW.
    Mercedes is the new Infiniti.
    Mitsubishi is the new Isuzu.
    Nissan is the new Hyundai.
    Porsche is the new Aston Martin.
    Saab is the new Oldsmobile.
    Scion is the new Geo.
    Smart is the new Yugo.
    Subaru is the new Honda.
    Suzuki is the new Kia.

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    Very interesting points…

    Huyndai is only growing, so in 5-10 years it might be the new Honda…

    Honda will remain Honda because they are smart (i think)

    Toyota will loose on the long run, you cant hold the top for too long by stretching production, especially when the Prius’ true environmental friendliness shows… so Toyota will become Ford

    Ford will become the Old GM

    Mazda is the new BMW

    Lexus is the new old BMW or Mercedes, that confuses me

    BMW will be Peugeot, heck both should get married and get over with it….

    but Most of All McLaren Automotive is the New Ferrari.

    Lamborghini will always be Lamborghini

    and DeTomaso will still be going on the auction block

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    Tianma is the old Isuzu
    Zhongxing is the new Isuzu in spirit
    Qingling is the new Isuzu in practice

    Haima is the old Mazda
    FAW is the new Mazda

    Most of the B&B should realize that they’ll be driving Chinese-made cars soon enough.

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    GM is the old GM
    Chrysler is the old Chrysler
    Ford is the old Ford

    Hyundai is the new Hyundai
    Kia is the new Kia
    Toyota is the new Toyota.

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    Nothing is the new anything.

    Toyota is still Toyota. They aren’t GM. They make mistakes, as they always have, but they fix mistakes instead of pretending they don’t exist. So you can’t say Toyota is the new GM.

    Honda will continue to be the worlds largest engine manufacturer, largest (or one of) motorcycle manufacturer, a maker of jet aircraft, and their cars will continue to win market share because of their quality.

    Ford continues to be American. They are better than the other two, but that is simply damning them with faint praise. They will continue to search for the next big thing, they will continue to cheapen product so that the customer has a bad experience with the product. They will continue to perfer short term gain to long term gain/market share. In short, they will continue to be American.

    Why go on.

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    Honda, is Honda.

    Mazda wants to be Honda with some panache. They’ll be fine once they fire their current stylist and put more oopmph into their non-turbo offerings. The new US-bound cars are horrid looking, minus the Miata and RX-8 which were relatively unmolested.

    Toyota is turning into GM, with verve. And Venza.

    Mopar (I’ll second that, is the new AMC/new MB). It’s a shame– the Challenger is sweet.

    Ford wants to be Honda/old Toyota, and the Fiesta is a good example– thanks to Mazda. BRAAAIIINSS!

    Hyundai is old Honda… the quality still isn’t there just yet. Be more afraid when they start making motorcycles. It won’t ever be the same, though. Close!

    Suzuki is re-enacting the Geo doldrums. Bring us the Swift! Too bad they’re begging for scraps at GM’s doorstep. They have good cars and they need to get out of the Daewoo rut.

    Nissan is the “new-think” Dodge of the imports with a smattering of Merc and Benz think mushed in. I really hope they don’t base their new trucks on that crap. Ugh.

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    John R

    I’m no else has said it either. Nissan is the new Pontiac. DUH. C’mon fellas.

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    All of the above speculation is fully dependent on what America becomes over the course of the next 3 years.

    Close to 10% unemployment and climbing.

    A falling dollar holding rampant inflation in check only by an economy so poor that deflation is almost a relief.

    A greater than 10% drop in GDP over the last 3 quarters and…still dropping.

    Evaporation of home prices nationwide, really the only asset held by most Americans.

    So, maybe Schwinn will be the new Toyota?

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    Rod Panhard

    GM is “Night of the Living Dead”

    Chrysler is “Dawn of the Dead”

    Hyundai is “Godzilla vs. Mothra”

    Toyota is “Godzilla Gets Therapy after Having His Ass Kicked By Mothra a Couple of Times”

    Honda is “Monster Zero”

    Which leaves Nissan as Jet Jaguar “Is it a Nissan? Is it a Renault?”

    And the Mahindra pickup is “Slumdog Millionair”

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    “Hyundai GM will never be taken seriously by people with over $30,000 to spend.”

    If you fix that statement is rather clear that GM is the new Hyundai.

    “Ford killed Volvo and Mazda, ate their brains and became smarter.”

    Exactly – Ford really doesn’t make any decent cars that don’t come from existing platforms that Ford got when it bought Volvo. Other than the Fiesta, which came from Mazda.

    Particularly large cars. How would Ford have ever been able to make any modern large cars or CUVs if it didn’t get Volvo’s P2/D3 platform. Ford would not have.

    A large Swedish truck manufacturer deciding that making cars was no longer worth its time was the best thing that ever happened to Ford. Ok, maybe the second best thing after Ford capitalizing itself by mortgaging all of its assets right before the economic collapse.

    Mazda, on the other hand, is a niche maker of brilliant sports cars that was being kept afloat by platform sharing with Ford. I worry about its future as a more independent company.

    Now that Hyundai has a modern pony car and a large RWD luxury car, along with damn strong sales, it has a good shot at being the new Ford.

    And Hyundai’s small cars do not have much to fear from a hecho in Mexico, equipped by Ford’s abused US suppliers, Fiesta. Even when the original US Focus and Euro Focus were the “same”, they were not. They looked the same, but the US Focus was much worse in the details. It is likely that things will be the same with the Fiesta.

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    Chrysler is the new Fiat
    VW is the new Porsche
    FedGov is the new GMAC

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    Toyota is the new Sony.

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    Bob Lutz is the new Bob Lutz

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    The New GM is the Old GM.

    Craigslist is the old local newstand bargain hunter.

    Kijjii is the new Craigslist.

    I just turned 60 and I am now my grandfather
    (used to be “my father…”). :(

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    no_slushbox: Exactly – Ford really doesn’t make any decent cars that don’t come from existing platforms that Ford got when it bought Volvo. Other than the Fiesta, which came from Mazda.

    Actually, there is one: the C1 platform (current European Focus, Volvo C30/S40/V50, Mazda 3/5) really is a Ford effort, even if supported by mazda and Volvo engineers.

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    Hmm, everyone try to match up the modern car blogs with the buff book they resmeble the most (at least when said books were in their heyday):


    A. Car and Driver
    B. Motor Trend
    C. Road and Track

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    Im surprised no one has made mention of saab. If so, I missed it.

    Subaru is the old-turning-new deprived-of-soul Saab?


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    Infiniti is the new Mercury.

    The fact that no one cares proves it.

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    Okay, all the Rambler drivers went to Subaru, those who didn’t get a Volvo.

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    I forgot.

    Tata is the new Yugo.

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    I also forgot.

    The new no nav, cloth seat, plain vanilla equipped 2010 Ford Taurus for $30,000 is the new Edsel (or VW Phaeton light):

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    How the %$^# is Chrysler the new AMC? Aside from owning the rights to AMC what part of Chryslers operations reflects AMC history? Up until half way though this decade Chrysler was still using an AMC motor in their Jeeps which AMC initaly started in the 60s, and its one of the few chrysler products people have confidence in. AMC wasn’t popular, but they were better quality than what chrysler has become. The LH Chryslers that people remember fondly were based on AMC design too. Jeep was made “pop” during the AMC years and continues to be the shinning hope of Chrysler. You could almost say Chrysler survived this long because they bought AMC rather than to say they have become what AMC was, unless you just mean out of business.

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    Steve Green

    Subaru is the new Volvo, judging by the drivers.

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    “GM will never be Hyundai”.

    True. Hyundia’s reliability is now better than GM’s has ever been and improving.

    With the FedGov sapping any reason to be competitive GM’s reliability, already sub par onthe average, will death spiral.

    I agree that Toyota will never be GM.
    As someone noted above they fix their problems.

    I also agree that Honda is Honda. They will be fine.


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    GM is the new Walrus.

    Lennon received a letter from a pupil at Quarry Bank Grammar School, which he had attended. The writer mentioned that the English master was making his class analyse Beatles lyrics. (Lennon wrote an answer, dated September 1, 1967, which was auctioned by Christie’s of London in 1992.) Lennon, amused that a teacher was putting so much effort into understanding The Beatles’ lyrics, wrote the most confusing lyrics he could. Lennon’s friend and former fellow member of The Quarrymen, Peter Shotton, was visiting, and Lennon asked Shotton about a playground nursery rhyme they sang as children.

    Shotton remembered:

    “Yellow matter custard, green slop pie,
    All mixed together with a dead dog’s eye,
    Slap it on a butty, ten foot thick,
    Then wash it all down with a cup of cold sick”.[4]

    Lennon borrowed a couple of words, added the three unfinished ideas and the result was “I Am the Walrus”. The Beatles’ official biographer Hunter Davies was present while the song was being written and wrote an account in his 1968 book on the band.

    coo coo kachoo

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